Munster clinch historic first win over Maori All Blacks to continue Irish rugby party

Munster have dealt another blow to visiting New Zealand sides beating the Maori All Blacks 27-14. See how it all unfolded.

Fulltime: Munster 27 Maori AB's 14

Fantastic gameplan and execution from Munster and they get to write another chapter into their proud history against Kiwi sides.

74 mins: Munster 27 Maori AB's 14

Desperate efforts from the Maori to get back into this game but the pushing of passes is a contagious problem. A lesson in playing to the conditions today.

68 mins: Munster 27 Maori AB's 14

TRY! O'Mahony can't be denied this time! The winger wins the race from the dinky box chip from Williams and the inability of the Maori to control their breakdown ball rears its head again.

62 mins: Munster 20 Maori AB's 14

NO TRY! Keatley puts the pinpoint grubber through down the blindside and Lowe is there in the nick of time. Five metre scrum though.

59 mins: Munster 20 Maori AB's 14

NO TRY! The pressure piling up has almost been too much for the Maori who can't quite stop Ronan O'Mahony and friends fighting their way over but it was the second movement.

55 mins: Munster 20 Maori AB's 14

Herein lies the difference between the hemisphere's. Munster playing the perfect wet weather football, the Maori sticking to their attacking bent. Munster with the upper hand.

47 mins: Munster 20 Maori AB's 14

YELLOW CARD! Little halfback Duncan Williams clothes lines James Lowe. Fairly harmless but yellow nonetheless and the Maori have a chance to reassert themselves.

43 mins: Munster 20 Maori AB's 14

Maori All Blacks winger James Lowe celebrates his try with Ihaia West. Source: Photosport

Kane Hames collapses and the early chance for Munster and Ian Keatley goes over from 30 out on the slight angle.

Back on the field and the Maori have all the work to do...

Halftime: Munster 17 Maori AB's 14

Advantage Munster and not just on the scoreboard. They've played the smarter rugby and jumped on the Maori errors which are mounting.

38 mins: Munster 17 Maori AB's 14

TRY! Sweetnam toes ahead and wins the foot race to score. The Maori trying to play dry weather rugby and it's not working against this intense Munster defence. The spilled ball pounced on by the right winger.

30 mins: Munster 12 Maori AB's 14

PENALTY TRY! And a yellow card! Reed Prinsep tackles the Munster player as he attempts to chase his soccer skills. The centering kick in greasy conditions from Sweetnam causing chaos with the covering D.

27 mins: Munster 5 Maori AB's 14

TRY! There's another! The Munster high kick goes too far, falling into Akira Ioane's hands. The big No.8 goes on a charge and offloads to a flying Ambrose Curtis who straddles the right touchline to scoot the last forty metres. 

25 mins: Munster 5 Maori AB's 7

TRY! There's what this Maori side can do. Black goes to the line and his subtle dummy gets in behind the line 20 out, transferring to McKenzie who simply draws and passes to James Lowe to slide on in. 

19 mins: Munster 5 Maori AB's 0

This Maori side really struggling to get into the match and just hanging on against a feverish Munster effort. With a strong wind behind them, all the play is in their own half.

14 mins: Munster 5 Maori AB's 0

TRY! Niall Scannell drops over the line from a well worked maul. Munster hot on attack after a brace of penalties, turning down the kicks for goal as the ball is blowing backwards when it goes high. Conversion is wide.

7 mins: Munster 0 Maori AB's 0

Tit for tat early on but the Kiwis get the first shot at points, Munster not rolling away, Otere Black with the chance from 30 out on the angle. Doesn't hit it well though.

Kick-off: Munster 0 Maori AB's 0

Underway in ugly conditions. Very wet and very windy. The crowd are up for this, Irish rugby on a high after Chicago. A great show of respect from Ash Dixon who lays out a custom 'AF' jersey on the halfway line for the late Anthony Foley.


It may not be the All Blacks proper but Munster will class a win over the touring Maori side as big news.

The famous Munster win in 1978 perhaps now is not so significant now Ireland have broken their duck however, the Maori scalp would be history in itself especially one this strong.

Maori’s coach Colin Cooper has an embarrassment of Super Rugby riches to call upon including two players who have been in Steve Hansen’s team recently.

Canterbury’s Reed Prinsep, Tasman’s Billy Guyton and Manawatu's Ambrose Curtis get their first Maori caps while Leni Apisai and Waikato skipper Whetu Douglas will debut off the bench.

For the home side, Taranaki Kiwis Rhys Marshall and Te Aihe Toma start of the bench only having been in the country a matter of weeks.

Kick-off is 8.30am NZT.

Munster: 1-James Cronin, 2-Niall Scannell, 3-Stephen Archer, 4-John Madigan, 5-Darren O’Shea, 6-Tommy O’Donnell (c), 7-Conor Oliver, 8-Robin Copeland, 9-Duncan Williams, 10-Ian Keatley, 11-Ronan O’Mahony, 12-Rory Scannell, 13-Jaco Taute, 14-Darren Sweetnam, 15-Andrew Conway.

Subs: 16-Rhys Marshall, 17-Peter McCabe, 18-Brian Scott, 19-Sean O’Connor, 20-John Foley, 21-Te Aihe Toma, 22-Dan Goggin, 23-Alex Wootton.

Maori All Blacks: 1-Kane Hames, 2-Ash Dixon (c), 3-Ben May, 4-Leighton Price, 5-Tom Franklin, 6-Reed Prinsep, 7-Shane Christie, 8-Akira Ioane, 9-Billy Guyton, 10-Otere Black, 11-James Lowe, 12-Tim Bateman, 13-Matt Proctor, 14-Ambrose Curtis, 15-Marty McKenzie.

Subs: 16-Leni Apisai, 17-Chris Eves, 18-Marcel Renata, 19-Whetu Douglas, 20-Kara Pryor, 21-Brad Weber, 22-Ihaia West, 23-Jason Emery.