Most watched video: Fed-up Steve Hansen shuts down 1 NEWS' Andrew Saville’s questions about controversial tackle that left French rival with facial fracture

This story was first published on Thursday June 14

The All Blacks coach was well and truly over talking about the hit that left a Frenchman with a facial fracture. Source: 1 NEWS

All Blacks coach Steve Hansen was not in the mood to discuss the controversial tackle which left French winger Remy Grosso with a facial fracture - and he wasn't shy letting 1 NEWS Sport reporter Andrew Saville know about it.

Saville begun today's press conference asking Hansen about Sam Cane and Ofa Tu'ungafasi's collision with Grosso in the All Blacks' 52-11 win last weekend.

"There's been enough said about that... you've got my opinion on that, it's on record," he said.

1 NEWS rugby reporter Andrew Saville looks at the ABs’ unchanged lineup for the second France Test with the help of 3D graphics. Source: 1 NEWS

However Hansen did add a new argument to the debate.

"Someone gave me a good analogy this morning, actually - sometimes when you drive your car and you're driving at the right speed limit and a little kid runs out in front of you, is it the kid's fault or your fault?

"In our game, you can't stop something that you've committed to and someone's angle changes."

Saville went on to ask Hansen about his opinion on World Rugby not handing out a warning to Tu'ungafasi until four days after the incident and whether the system needing looking at, at which point the All Blacks coach had enough.

"What I would like Sav is for you to start talking about the game on Saturday.

"It'd be a lot more fun."

Saturday's second Test kicks off at 7:30pm in Wellington.

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