Moana Pasifika players bond for upcoming clash with Māori All Blacks through traditional 'ava ceremony

Players in the historic Moana Pasifika squad are coming together both on and off the pitch ahead of their one-off match against the Māori All Blacks.

The team have managed to bond thanks to their Pacific ties with events such as Monday’s ‘ava ceremony – a custom from Samoa where a ceremonial beverage is shared by a group – helping players come together.

"It was really great to reconnect,” Tongan No.8 Nasi Manu said.

“It was also great for me as a Tongan to experience the Fijian culture and Samoan culture."

Samoan sevens star Tomasi Alosio joked it made some players feel right at home.

“It was one cup each but some boys, probably those Fijians, would have liked to have more!"

Saturday’s match kicks off at 7pm at Hamilton's Waikato Stadium.