Michael Cheika meets rugby fan whose emotional letter to 'blame-avoiding' Wallabies went viral




Wallabies coach Michael Cheika admits the supporter whose social media critique of the team went viral rose some relevant issues and said he shared the same emotions.

Cheika spoke to the fan, Jack Quigley, over the phone today after his Facebook post slamming the Wallabies for a lack of passion following their defeat to Scotland on the weekend attracted more than 40,000 likes and nearly 5000 shares.

Cheika said he had also stuck the post on the walls of Ballymore, where the team is training ahead of Saturday's Test against Italy at Suncorp Stadium.

Quigley, a self-confessed "pleb" from Lismore in northern NSW, blew up on social media after posting a gigantic rant to the Wallabies on their Facebook page yesterday.

Jack Quigley wrote to the Wallabies after their loss to Scotland.

Jack Quigley wrote to the Wallabies after their loss to Scotland.

Source: Facebook

"When I was a kid — hell, even now, I would've given my left n*t just to pull on a Wallabies jumper," he wrote.

"But when I see you guys run out, I feel like you don’t care. I KNOW you don’t care, because it shows. And don’t tell me I’m wrong. Don’t say that you DO care, because my response is that you don’t care ENOUGH! CLEARLY!"

The 29-year-old club rugby player didn’t hold back on the struggling Test stars, claiming their “lack of application” to their jobs was hurting fans.

"Anyone who says 'I wouldn't necessarily agree with that" is wrong,' he wrote. "You have. And it kills me. And everyone I know. You're quite literally hurting people with your lack of application to your jobs.

"The Wallabies' attitude towards the basic skills is unacceptable. A culture of blame-avoidance has been allowed to fester."

Quigley said he was more than happy to go into the dressing room to sort out the Wallabies, claiming all he needed was 15 minutes.

"Print this email out, give it to the Wallabies media person, pass it on to Cheiks and hopefully he gives me a 15 minute window," he pleaded.

"I'll take a day off work. It’ll cost me $150 in addition to the 4-hour round trip but I’ll do it. And then I’ll pay $100 and a 4-hour round trip on Saturday to drive up and have the privilege of watching you stutter and stumble and fumble and make a game against Italy look a million times harder than it actually is."

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