Meet the 84-year-old Whanganui rugby nut in Japan for his seventh World Cup

Getting a chance to go to one World Cup would be special, but try seven.

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Bernie Owen has three sons, his best mate John and grandson Ricky in tow for his Japanese adventure. Source: 1 NEWS

That’s what Bernie Owen has done, and more than 30 years after that beginning in 1987, he’s still loving it as much as ever.

In total he’s been to more than 100 matches, and has got most of his family hooked on the game as well.

The Whanganui 84-year-old is in Japan with his three sons, best mate John and grandson Ricky, and this time, is using a chair to help him get around.

“They are all fighting over it, fighting to push me,” he said with a cheeky grin.

The group has been impressed by the friendliness of the Japanese, from the welcome at the ground, to son Scott having his lost wallet returned, cash intact.

“He had the wallet in one hand and his beers in the other and clearly the wallet had to go,” son Craig said.

The big question is, is France in 2023 on the cards?

“Craig said to me the other day, you’ll only be 89, you should be able to handle it all,” Bernie said.