Hurricanes beat Blues in thriller as Jordie wins battle of the Barretts

Relive 1 NEWS' live coverage of this Super Rugby Aotearoa clash between the Hurricanes and the Blues from Wellington's Sky Stadium.

Ngani Laumape scores against the Blues Source: Photosport

8:54pm: FULLTIME - Hurricanes 29 Blues 27

False start from the scrum as the front rows collapse. Booth feeds again, but we'll have another reset.

Third time lucky, Booth feeds, huge scrum from the Blues - have they won it?

No! Perenara's there and clears into touch for a Hurricanes win!!

8:51pm: 81 mins - Hurricanes 29 Blues 27

Into the final minutes, the Hurricanes defending for their lives. Akira Ioane charges at the line but the Hurricanes are holding.

Beauden Barrett tries to start something, but he's smashed by Aumua and knocks it on!

We'll have one last scrum. Can the Hurricanes win it?

8:47pm: 78 mins - Hurricanes 29 Blues 27

TRY!!! Hurricanes advantage as they attack again. Not rolling away the call. We go back for the penalty and the Hurrcianes take the lineout in the corner.

Aumua throws, Blackwell wins it and the Hurricanes drive. Advantage for the Hurricanes as Aumua has it at the back.

The Hurricanes go for the line, but have they got it down? The ref says on the line, but the Hurricanes aren't celebrating.

We'll check upstairs, on field decision is try. I can't tell anything from the replays, but we'll stick with the ref's decision - the try is given!

Jordie Barrett can give the Hurricanes the lead here with the conversion. What a kick!!!

The Hurricanes take the lead in the dying moments!

8:40pm: 73 mins - Hurricanes 22 Blues 27

Blues lineout, Tolai throws, Papalii wins it. The Blues' forwards show off some skills with ball in hand as they move towards the Hurricanes' 22.

The Blues have spilled the ball, before Booth tries to start something from inside his own half.

Laumape does well to take the ball towards halfway. Akira Ioane tries to get over the top, before Laumape hits a gap! He's taken down by Duffie. 

The Hurricanes creeping closer, before Blackwell loses the ball! Blues' scrum.

8:35pm: 68 mins - Hurricanes 22 Blues 27

The Hurricanes try to get through the Blues' defence, as they get to 18 phases - but can't get into the opposition half.

The Blues give away a penalty though, Papalii the culprit. Jordie Barrett finds touch, so the Hurricanes will have a lineout.

Aumua throws, and the Hurricanes can attack, but they give away a penalty for offside!

8:30pm: 64 mins - Hurriances 22 Blues 27

TRY!!! Blues' scrum on the 10m line as we enter the final 20 minutes. Penalty against Perenara though for offside. They want the lineout in the corner.

Eklund throws, Cowley-Tuioti wins it as the Blues drive again! The Blues go right through the Hurricanes defence and it looks like Eklund's got it! He has! The Blues take the lead through Eklund's first Super Rugby try!

Barrett taking his time with the kick, we're hearing that Otere Black won't be back tonight despite passing his HIA.

The kick is woeful. Doesn't even get near the target...

8:24pm: 59 mins - Hurricanes 22 Blues 22

TRY!!! The Blues go for the lineout drive, but we've got a maul. The Blues have advantage, before Beauden Barrett goes to the air.

Jordie Barrett wins it and calls for the mark, but we go back for the penalty. The Blues take the lineout in the corner.

Papalii wins the throw uncontested and the Blues drive again. Tu'ungafasi picks and goes, but the Hurricanes are back in numbers. Akira Ioane has a go, and he scores! 

Beauden Barrett to kick to try and level scores, plenty of boos from the Wellington faithful. False start as the ball falls off the tee.

Second attempt, and Beauden's got this perfectly to level scores!

8:19pm: 54 mins - Hurricanes 22 Blues 15

Hurricanes' scrum after a Blues knock on. Slight delay as Perenara's boot is thrown by one of the Blues. Perenara feeds, but we have to reset. Elsewhere Otere Black has passed his HIA.

Perenara feeds again, Savea runs off the back but is swamped by Christie. The ball goes back where Garden-Bachop puts up a speculator.

The Blues win the ball though, and can try and run from inside their own half. Beauden kicks straight to his brother, who returns fire.

The Blues can run, before Rieko Ioane loses the ball, Lam gathers and the Hurricanes can go. Christie manages to pinch the ball, play on is the call. Someone please put the ball out so I can stop this.

Christie kicks downfield, as Lam grounds behind his own goal line.

8:09pm: 46 mins - Hurricanes 22 Blues 15

TRY!!! The Hurricanes re-start with a lineout as Laumape bursts up the middle! The Hurricanes can smell blood here as Umaga-Jensen goes close. 

They're past the five-metre line, before Coles is put through to score by Perenara! The Hurricanes back in front!

Jordie Barrett converts.

8:07pm: 43 mins - Hurricanes 15 Blues 15

Oh, that's a real nasty challenge. Black's bravely gone in for the ball, as has Lam. Lam's knees have connected to the head of Black.

He'll have to come off here for at least a concussion test. Good signs, Black's back on his feet, but he's staying on?

The referee steps in, overriding the Blues' doctor to send Black for an HIA. Matt Duffie comes on as a replacement, meaning Beauden Barrett (finally) moves to first-five.

8:04pm: 43 mins - Hurricanes 15 Blues 15

Straight away the Hurricanes have advantage, as Akira Ioane dishes out a high tackle. We go back for the penalty, Jordie Barrett kicks into touch for a lineout. 

Coles overthrows though, as Otere Black dives in on the loose ball. Black and Lam stay down, it looks like a head clash.

The Blues clear into touch to stop the game.

8:01pm: 41 mins - Hurricanes 15 Blues 15

We're back for the second half as Garden-Bachop gets us going.

7:48pm: HALFTIME - Hurricanes 15 Blues 15

Hurricanes' scrum as the halftime siren goes. The Hurricanes get advantage as they go wide to Umaga-Jensen.

Laumape tries to slip Jordie Barrett through. Garden-Bachop breaks, and finds Perenara inside him! The Hurricanes go close, before the Blues are called for offside, Eklund the culprit.

The Hurricanes want the points. Jordie Barrett with the kick from right in front. He hits it to level things up at the break.

7:45pm: 39 mins - Hurricanes 12 Blues 15

The rain is really pouring now, making the ball greasy - so handling errors aplenty. Blues' scrum, Christie feeds, but he stalls and Perenara pounces!

Perenara sprints down field, but has no support as Christie gets back to make the tackle. The Blues clear any danger into touch for a Hurricanes lineout.

7:42pm: 36 mins - Hurricanes 12 Blues 15

TRY!!! The Hurricanes win a penalty and Jordie Barrett belts it into the corner for a lineout. Coles throws, Blackwell wins and the Hurricanes drive.

They're on the line to start with, before Prinsep goes over from the drive! The Hurricanes hit back in identical fashion. 

Jordie Barrett to convert, but he sprays his kick wide!

7:38pm: 31 mins - Hurricanes 7 Blues 15

TRY!!! Blues lineout right on the Hurricanes' line. Eklund throws and the Blues can drive. Papalii gets the ball at the back of the drive and he goes over to score!

Black to convert. Rain really falling now. Black kicks, but he hits the post this time!

7:35pm: 29 mins - Hurricanes 7 Blues 10

Perenara feeds, and Savea runs off the back - Christie shuts him down though. Blackwell has a run, before Jordie Barrett feeds Kirifi with an inside pass.

Umaga-Jensen makes good ground as the Hurricanes win advantage. Into the 10th phase as Garden-Bachop chips over the top. Beauden Barrett beats Umaga-Jensen and gets there first, and we'll go back for the penalty.

Will the Hurricanes shoot for goal? They will.  Jordie with his second effort of the night to bring us level. He hits the post though!

Beauden Barrett clears and the Hurricanes can attack, before Ben Lam gives away a penalty.

7:31pm: 25 mins - Hurricanes 7 Blues 10

Blues' scrum, Christie feeds inside their own 22. The front rows go up though for a reset. The Blues are back to 15 now, no damage done after the card.

Another scrum and Akira Ioane does well to hold it at the back. Carroll knocks on though for the Blues, and the Hurricanes will have a scrum right in front of the posts.

7:27pm: 21 mins - Hurricanes 7 Blues 10

Blues lineout as Van Wyk and Telea compete in the air. Eklund throws, and the Blues win it and try to drive.

Christie has the ball at the back, before Black puts a bomb up. Rieko Ioane and Jordie Barrett both let the ball bounce, before Laumape throws a pass into touch for another Blues lineout.

7:23pm: 17 mins - Hurricanes 7 Blues 10

Blues' scrum. Christie feeds. The Hurricanes get a shove on though and force Akira Ioane backwards. The Blues keep hold of it though, as Christie clears into touch.

Hurricanes lineout, they keep the ball before Umaga-Jensen gets through the line! He goes wide to Van Wyk as the Hurricanes go close.

They go wide again to Jordie Barrett, who tries to keep the ball in, but can't. Blues lineout.

Defence seemingly not important tonight...

7:20pm: 15 mins - Hurricanes 7 Blues 10

Coles throws and Scrafton wins it. The ball goes to the backs, where Perenara hits Coles with an inside pass, but the skipper can't hang on! The Blues clear the danger, but the Hurricanes can have another go.

Coles gets the ball on the wins, but comes back inside. Perenara is taken trying a run. Garden-Bachop puts Jordie Barrett through and he races away to score now!

Was it forward though? We'll go to the TMO, but the on-field decision is try. The replay looks bad for the Hurricanes though.

That was forward, no try.

7:18pm: 13 mins - Hurricanes 7 Blues 10

The Hurricanes go close! Laumape gets the ball in space again, and absolutely flattens Beauden Barrett! Laumape's tackled short of the line, but Narawa doesn't roll away. 

That'll be a yellow card for Narawa as we go back for the penalty. The Hurricanes want the lineout.

7:15pm: 11 mins - Hurricanes 7 Blues 10

TRY!!! Beauden Barrett hits straight back for his first Blues try!!! Some smart work from Black and Telea put the Blues in a great position, before Beauden gets a short ball from Christie, slices the Hurricanes apart to score!

Black with the kick, and he's got it.

Elsewhere, TJ Perenara is staying down hurt for the Hurricanes.

7:12pm: 8 mins - Hurricanes 7 Blues 3

Blues lineout, Eklund throws, and Tuipulotu wins it. The Blues try to throw the ball around, but they lose it and the Hurricanes can counter. 

Jordie Barrett kicks through straight to his brother, to counter. Beauden goes for the up and under, but Jordie is there to take him out.

The ball goes into touch for a Hurricanes lineout.

7:10pm: 6 mins - Hurricanes 7 Blues 3

TRY!!! Christie tries to clear the ball with a box kick, but Jordie Barrett takes it to start a Hurricanes attack. Ardie Savea seems to go on forever as he takes the ball up. Garden-Bachop hits Prinsep with a classic hospital pass, but the Hurricanes keep the ball.

Huge cutout pass to Laumape - who beats Beauden Barrett before showing off blistering speed! Laumape holds off Christie and goes over the top of Black to score!!!

Jordie Barrett steps up to convert from the sideline, and he nails it!

7:06pm: 1 min - Hurricanes 0 Blues 3

Garden-Bachop takes the kick off and gives it to Laumape for a league-style hitup. He runs straight at the Blues' defence, before the visitors win a penalty.

Straight away the Blues want the points. Black's kick is good and the Blues take the lead!

7:05pm: KICKOFF - Hurricanes 0 Blues 0

Beauden Barrett kicks off and we're away!


Patrick Tuipulotu leads the Blues out onto Sky Stadium, before Dane Coles does the same for the Hurricanes, kick off moments away!


Late news that Ben May has been scratched from the Hurricanes, Fraser Armstrong starts in his place. Pouri Rakete-Stones moves onto the bench.


What a treat we're in store for tonight! Conditions are spot on for a decent game tonight, a bit of drizzle in the air, here's hoping for a cracker!

Kick off around 10 mins away.


After these two sides squared off in round one of Super Rugby Aotearoa, the Hurricanes can tonight get their revenge on the Blues, after a 30-20 loss at Eden Park.

Tonight marks the return of Beauden Barrett to Wellington - albeit in a different colour jersey, having moved north to the Blues.

He'll be up against his brother in the battle of the two fullbacks, Jordie Barrett named at 15 for the hosts tonight.

A win tonight could see the Hurricanes leapfrog the Blues into second on the overall ladder, with all sides now trying to keep pace with the Crusaders.


Hurricanes: 15. Jordie Barrett, 14. Kobus Van Wyk, 13. Peter Umaga-Jensen, 12. Ngani Laumape, 11. Ben Lam, 10. Jackson Garden-Bachop, 9. TJ Perenara (cc), 8. Ardie Savea, 7. Du'Plessis Kirifi, 6. Reed Prinsep, 5. Scott Scrafton, 4. James Blackwell, 3. Tyrel Lomax, 2. Dane Coles (cc), 1. Fraser Armstrong.

Reseves: 16. Asafo Aumua, 17. Pouri Rakete-Stones, 18. Alex Fidow, 19. Isaia Walker-Leaware, 20. Vaea Fifita, 21. Jamie Booth, 22. Billy Proctor, 23. Wes Goosen.

Blues: 15. Beauden Barrett, 14. Mark Telea, 13. Rieko Ioane, 12. Harry Plummer, 11. Emoni Narawa, 10. Otere Black, 9. Finlay Christie, 8. Akira Ioane, 7. Dalton Papalii, 6. Aaron Carroll, 5. Josh Goodhue, 4. Patrick Tuipulotu (c), 3. Ofa Tuungafasi, 2. Kurt Eklund, 1. Alex Hodgman.

Reserves: 16. Luteru Tolai, 17. Marcel Renata, 18. Sione Mafileo, 19. Gerard Cowley-Tuioti, 20. Tony Lamborn, 21. Jonathan Ruru, 22. TJ Faiane, 23. Matt Duffie.