Jordan bags five tries as All Blacks crack ton against Tonga

Relive 1 NEWS' live updates of tonight's Test match between the All Blacks and 'Ikali Tahi at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland.

Will Jordan. Source: Photosport

FT: NZL 102-0 TON

NZL TRY! Bridge finishes it in style and brings up the 100!

That does it here at Mt Smart with a scoreline many probably saw coming. Impressive debuts from the four new All Blacks, especially starter Tupaea and of course a great finishing evening from Jordan. For Tonga, they showed glimpses but just couldn't keep up and were made to pay multiple times. 

The biggest concern probably for Foster will be his side's discipline with the penalty count a whopping 13 to 4. It's been an issue of theirs for years now so for it to appear in Test No.1 of 2021 will raise alarms.

That's all from us tonight. Have a good weekend and come back tomorrow for all the reaction from Foster and more.

77min: NZL 95-0 TON

NZL TRY! Tonga tries their best to make something happen here but it goes south quickly as Akira makes a turnover, finds Tuipulotu and the big lock runs away to score it. Three minutes, five points. Can the ABs reach the 100?

74min: NZL 88-0 TON

The change of tactic doesn't work as they're penalised for not releasing. All Blacks go quickly with their own penalty on their own five metre line and get it to Jordan who breaks away down the right wing. He runs out of space so kicks ahead, McKenzie gives chase but can't recollect it and there's a knock on. Tonga scrum on halfway.

72min: NZL 88-0 TON

Tonga with their best chance of the night now. Penalty inside the All Blacks' 22m after 12 phases to get there. Tonga know their lineout isn't an option here so they're opting for the tap!

68min: NZL 88-0 TON

NZL TRY! JORDAN WITH A FIVER! All Blacks burst through in the midfield off the scrum and it after a few draw and passes, it makes it's way to Jordan once again. He's now just one try away from equalling Marc Ellis' single Test record!

66min: NZL 83-0 TON

Tonga earn a scrum from the lineout. Off the scrum it comes to the middle of the field and Barrett makes a standing tackle. He keeps the ball up and Tonga are trying to get it down. Blackadder comes in to support him and they get the whistle! All Blacks scrum!

65min: NZL 83-0 TON

All Blacks are penalised again at the scrum so it's another kick for touch from Tonga. This lineout will be on the All Blacks' 22m but they really need to buckle down and win this - The All Blacks have stolen five lineouts from Tonga so far tonight!

63min: NZL 83-0 TON

Last couple of changes for NZ here as Tupaea comes off for Jordie Barrett. Great debut from him. Tuipulotu on for the third Barrett in the locks too. On the field, Tonga with a scrum 35m out from the NZ line.

61min: NZL 83-0 TON

NZL TRY! Welcome back Beauden Barrett! Tonga lose the ball at the lineout and the ABs counter attack immediately! It comes to Barrett who sees the Tongan line rushing, chips it over the top for Tupaea who gave chase. It lands in his lap perfectly and with one to beat he draws and passes to Rieko who runs the rest of the way to finish. Brilliant play. One of the tries of the night!

60min: NZL 76-0 TON

Tonga with a chance to attack here after the All Blacks are penalised at the scrum. Kick for touch and it's a lineout on the NZ 22m.

59min: NZL 76-0 TON

Rare handling error from the All Blacks off their scrum and the forward pass will give Tonga the ball. Scrum 5m inside NZ half.

58min: NZL 76-0 TON

Tonga show signs of life with a short-lived attack after the restart but it ends with another knock on. All Blacks scrum on halfway. Of note: Beauden Barrett on the pitch for Mo'unga.

57min: NZL 76-0 TON

NZL TRY! It's another try-scoring blitz from the All Blacks here and Jordan has a fourth! Attack down the right wing finishes with Jordan. 

55min: NZL 69-0 TON

And the last rookie makes his way out. Congratulations Finlay Christie!

54min: NZL 69-0 TON

NZL TRY! All Blacks counterattack at its finest. Turnover on halfway after the restart and it quickly gets to Akira who storms into the backfield. Has one to beat so he gives it to Mo'unga and he finishes it.

52min: NZL 62-0 TON

Stop in play triggers more changes and another special moment. Ethan Blackadder makes his debut! Papalii's shift is done. Congratulations to Ethan and the Blackadder family.

51min: NZL 62-0 TON

NZL TRY! Weber gets a hat-trick too! Play starts on halfway with a superb ball from Tupaea to McKenzie. McKenzie gives it to Bridge and he's in space on the left. Draws and passes back to McKenzie. One to beat. McKenzie gives it to Weber and he's in under the posts. Clean play from the All Blacks there. 

49min: NZL 55-0 TON

NZL TRY! Clean set piece from the scrum goes wide to the right wing and Jordan is in the corner for a hat-trick! Mo'unga hooks it again.

47min: NZL 50-0 TON

Knock on at the scrum from Tonga so we reset with a NZ feed but before that a special moment as changes are made. George Bower takes the field for his debut! Congrats to the Crusaders front rower.

45min: NZL 50-0 TON

A bit of solo razzle dazzle from Coles finishes with an overcooked chip ahead for himself. It goes dead so they come back for a Tonga scrum 20m from halfway.

43min: NZL 50-0 TON

NZL TRY! Sure enough, it's a bad lineout from Tonga and Coles collects an overthrow at the back. All Blacks recycle quickly and Jacobson is the one to go in under the posts eventually.

41min: NZL 43-0 TON

All Blacks on the attack right away after Tonga are penalised for a high tackle. They get a lineout 40m from the Tongan line, get the ball back and after a bit of back and forth, McKenzie spots no one home and kicks for the corner. It's a stunner and he finds touch 5m from the Tongan line. The visitors with the feed but their lineout has been shakey tonight.

40min: NZL 43-0 TON

Tonga get us going again!

HT: NZL 43-0 TON

Dane Coles. Source: Photosport

The halftime hooter goes but the All Blacks sniff the try line. They work the ball for seven phases to get within 10m but there's a penalty for not releasing as Tonga commit to a counter ruck. Tonga won't mess around though. They kick it into touch and that's the half.

An electric start from the men in black but it's slowed down a bit here. The result is probably not in doubt from here [if it ever was] but Tonga will be happy with their passage of play where they stunted the Kiwi momentum for a bit. A strong half from Will Jordan who has made some great runs and been rewarded with a brace so far for it. Tupaea looking good on debut too.

Stick around, we'll have the second half soon!

37min: NZL 43-0 TON

NZL TRY! It takes a couple of resets but finally the scrum is clean. All Blacks make their way into Tonga's half down the left wing after six phases. It comes back to the midfield and Coles settles it there 40m out. Ball comes back to the left, B-E-A-UTIFUL hands from Tupaea and Rieko gets it to Bridge and he's in space. One to beat, he draws, he passes and Papalii races away to score in the left corner. He'll credit his midfield for that one. Superb work from them to create that space.

34min: NZL 38-0 TON

Tonga build phases once more but the All Blacks' defence remains solid. Eight phases amounts to nothing more than a knock on and it'll be an All Blacks scrum near halfway.

33min: NZL 38-0 TON

Tonga with another chance to attack here as Jacobson is penalised for not releasing the ball after the lineout. Tonga kick for touch and get a lineout on the All Blacks' 22m. They've managed to slow this game down a bit and with it, the All Blacks' momentum here. After all this time in the NZ half, they really need something to show for it on the scoreboard though.

32min: NZL 38-0 TON

All Blacks get out of jail as a big shove from Tu'inukuafe at the scrum results in a penalty for the hosts. Nice drive from the loosehead. Mo'unga clears and it's a lineout 15m from halfway.

31min: NZL 38-0 TON

Tonga botch the first chance with the ball lost at the lineout but a knock on from Bridge as they try to recover gifts Tonga a 5m scrum!

30min: NZL 38-0 TON 

Here we go! Tonga's first big chance of the night as the All Blacks are penalised for hands in the ruck. It's kickable but Tonga know the score and kick for the corner. 5m lineout coming up!

28min: NZL 38-0 TON

Tonga's first real attack of the night as they move the ball left and right but after 10 phases, they've gon little to nowhere in terms of getting closer to the All Blacks' line. It comes left but the ball is loose. All Blacks try to pounce but can't make it stick so we'll come back for a scrum. It'll be around 10m from halfway in the NZ half with Tonga feeding.

25min: NZL 38-0 TON

Mo'unga gets the ball to Bridge on the wing with a cross kick and he tries to finish it with a grubber but it's overcooked. Tonga get a 22m dropout to restart. All Blacks bring it back off the kick off and get penalised for not releasing! Tonga needed that. The kick for touch makes it this time and it's a Tongan lineout 35m from the NZ line.

23min: NZL 38-0 TON

Throw wasn't straight so it's a scrum for the All Blacks on halfway.

21min: NZL 38-0 TON

Rare mistake from the All Blacks early after the restart as McKenzie flings it into touch on halfway. Tonga with the feed when we restart but both teams enjoying a little breather here. The All Blacks have set a quick pace in this one so far and barring that last handing error, have been clean with it too.

19min: NZL 38-0 TON

NZL TRY! After some forceback to restart the match, Tonga work their way up to halfway before kicking the ball away again. All Blacks bring it back with an attack down the left wing and get to Tonga's 22m. McKenzie get's it in the middle of the field, flicks it back on the inside to Mo'unga who is through into the backfield. One to beat. Draw and pass and Jordan is in for a second. 

16min: NZL 31-0 TON

NZL TRY! Tonga get to relieve some pressure after Akira is penalised for a high tackle. Nothing in it, just up around the top off the scrum but the kick for touch doesn't go out! All Blacks bring it back and McKenzie goes down on the Tongan 10m line. Weber gives it to Ta'avao who runs into space, flicks it back to Weber and he runs away to score under the posts. 

13min: NZL 24-0 TON

All Blacks go close to scoring again after eight phases of free-flowing rugby but there's a knock on and Tonga get no advantage so we'll come back for a scrum. It's near the right sideline, 10 metres from the Ikali Tahi try line. Visitors feed.

10min: NZL 24-0 TON

NZL TRY! McKenzie gets it up to the 10m line on the left wing. It comes back to the right and the All Blacks have plentiful numbers. Tupaea is taken down metres short, Coles picks and gos himself, gets the offload off to Jordan and the winger is in on the right. Mo'unga can't add the extras.

7min: NZL 19-0 TON

NZL TRY! Weber goes in this time. Jordan sets the ball 10m from halfway after kickoff. It comes left through the hands of the Ioane brothers to Bridge. One to beat. He draws, passes to Weber and the halfback goes 30m to score.

5min: NZL 12-0 TON

NZL TRY! A couple of back and forth kicks to restart before Mo'unga gets it and makes a strong run. Gets it to Tupaea who goes down and offloads to Whitelock. Whitelock gets it to Jacobson, Jacobson offloads to Papalii and he runs away under the posts. Could be a long night for some, folks...

3min: NZL 5-0 TON

NZL TRY! And it's started already! Tonga look to clear after the kickoff but Mo'unga gets it comfortably at the back and brings it back 10m inside the Tongan half. All Blacks work the ball to the midfield and set up 30m from the line. It goes left. There's numbers and Bridge is taken down 5m short. Quickly recycled left again and McKenzie is over in the corner. Clean start from the men in black tonight. Mo'unga hooks the extras left from the sideline.

7:05pm: KICKOFF

Mo'unga gets it going and we're underway at Mt Smart!

6:50pm: PRE-MATCH

Both sides are welcomed on to the Mt Smart pitch with a karanga. There's plenty of Tongan flags in the stands but also a decent amount of black in the crowd - although that may just be everyone's coats for the nippy conditions!

Both anthems are given a harmonic treatment in an emotional moment for many hearing it for the first time on the international stage.

Now on to an electric part of the evening - the challenges!

'Ikali Tahi are first with Sipi Tau. Plenty of "chehoo" from the crowd as they lay down the challenge.

The All Blacks respond and after some chat on social media and after some chat on social media about who would lead, Dane Coles leads Ka Mate! An amazing moment for the veteran hooker in his 75th Test!

We've got an electric energy in the stadium here. Let's get this game going! 

6:30pm: PREVIEW

It's a true David vs Goliath match-up in Auckland tonight with Tonga up against the All Blacks for first time since 2019.

Unlike two years ago though, tonight's 'Ikali Tahi outfit features 13 debutants in the matchday 23, nine of which are starting.

With many players and staff stuck overseas, Tonga has scoured New Zealand looking for players to take on the All Blacks.

One of them was starting hooker Sam Moli who told 1 NEWS the call-up came out of the blue while he was working his day job.

"I was on the tools and got a Tongan number call me, picked it up and Toutai [Kefu] was like ‘Sam, do you want to play for ‘Ikale?’” Moli said.

The All Blacks themselves have four debutants tonight with bolter Quinn Tupaea earning a start in the midfield while George Bower, Ethan Blackadder and Finlay Christie will earn their first caps off the bench.

“It’s fantastic that Quinn, George, Ethan and Finlay have an opportunity and we’re excited for them, especially playing in front of a home crowd," coach Ian Foster said.

One of the big selection talking points in Foster's team was the No.10 jersey with Richie Mo'unga winning the battle against fellow star playmaker Beauden Barrett.

"We tossed a coin and it's come up heads over tails," Foster joked.

[Mo'unga] has been playing in New Zealand this year, he's been playing at that intensity so I think that gives him the nod."

The All Blacks enter tonight as resounding favourites to win with the TAB paying just $1.001 for a New Zealand win.


Source: 1 NEWS