Kieran Read catches up with 'old mate' Prince Harry, Brad Shields and Dane Coles swap jerseys after 'weird' clash

Kieran Read clearly enjoyed the chance to catch up with Prince Harry after the All Blacks’ win over England while former Hurricanes teammates Dane Coles and Brad Shields swapped jerseys after a “weird” clash.

After being presented with the Hillary Shield by the Duke of Sussex, Read posted a picture of himself on Facebook shaking hands with the royal.

"Good to catch up with my old mate Prince Harry as well," Read captioned the photo along with #broshake.

Coles and Shields also took to Instagram with a photo of the two with one another’s jerseys.

"Huge battle against the English. Weird but huge honour to play against my mate," Coles wrote. 

Kieran Read cataching up with 'old mate'. Source: Kieran Read/Facebook

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