Julian Savea's wife takes aim at Toulon fans abusing winger - 'Disgusted by this s***'

Julian Savea's wife has taken to social media to defend her husband from outspoken Toulon fans who are hurling abuse at the former All Black over his form in the French Top 14.

Savea is under fire from his club's owner this week after Toulon lost their 10th game of the season, 19-10 to Agen.

However, Fatima Savea's fiery responses started before Mourad Boudjellal's damning comments, challenging fans attacking the winger over his poor season.

Fatima posted a picture of abuse from her Instagram account, in which one fan teased her "fatman" husband had bigger breasts than her.

Some fans also warned they would spit on the former All Black in his next game and wished cancer on his mother.

"Absolutely disgusted by this s***," she captioned the picture.

Fatima also spent time yesterday challenging fans to think before they speak.

Julian Savea in action for Toulon.
Julian Savea in action for Toulon. Source: Photosport

"Take a minute to think about how your words can affect someone's life and their mental health," she tweeted.

"People wonder why mental health in rugby had become a big problem. Take a minute to be considerate of people's feelings instead of bashing them behind a keyboard or phone screen.

"With rugby you are only as good as your team is. It's not an individual sport it's a team sport and sometimes you can be let down by your team.

"But that shouldn't give anyone the right to ridicule a player and their livelihood because no one knows what these players go through on a daily basis and the struggles they face."

Apparently, that advice hasn't been taken on board by Boudjellal, who said Savea is "not welcome" at the club anymore in a recent interview with French rado RMC.

"If I were him I would apologise and go back to my home country," he said.

"I'm going to ask for a DNA test. They must have swapped him on the plane (when he joined from Hurricanes last year).

"I've told him that he was free to go and wasn't welcome at Toulon any more... for me, he is released."

Since making his debut, Savea has only scored once in ten games for the French club.

Fatima and Julian Savea.
Fatima and Julian Savea. Source: Fatima Savea / Instagram

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