Jordie Barrett says he might have been 'too ambitious' despite slotting monstrous 63m penalty

Jordie Barrett wasn’t always confident he could kick the prodigious 63m penalty in the Hurricanes’ win over the Jaguares in Argentina last weekend, which he describes as “certainly the longest kick I’ve ever done”.

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The Hurricanes star said the kick was certainly the longest he’d ever done. Source: 1 NEWS

In fact, trying it at sea level was almost "a little bit ambitious", Barrett admitted.

“Not always (confident) to tell you the truth, I took a few in the warm-up and I felt like I had plenty of legs so it was one of those reactive things,” he said.

“I got a bit nervous, it was one of those things, timing and lucky it came off.”

“Normally in the Highveldt, in South Africa, I can go back to 60m and have a go, no altitude in Argentina so it’s probably a little bit ambitious so I was lucky I hit it sweet.”

The 22-year-old said it was a case of feeling good on the day and giving it a go.

“Some days you just turn up you kick in the warm-up and you feel like you’re hitting them sweetly

“I felt like I was in a rhythm and had plenty of distance so just gave it a good thump and got it sweet.”

“It’s certainly the longest kick I’ve ever done.”

Barrett put down his impressive boot to his almost two-metre high frame.

“Long levers helps, being six-foot-five (196cm) has a bit to do with it, I felt like I was in a nice rhythm, I put a lot of time into it so it’s something I pride myself on.”

Barrett also said he did not want to play first five-eighth despite the inexperienced options to replace his brother Beauden.

“I’ve got no ambitions of playing first five, I think you can see from the weekend Jackson (Garden-Bachop) did an awesome job in his first time starting this season, he directed our team around well.”