Jordan Taufua delights in isolation with brilliant 10-second dances to iconic tunes

Former Crusaders loose forward Jordan Taufua has turned his home into a stage during the nationwide coronavirus lockdown after taking song requests from fans and turning them into small but extremely entertaining skits.

Taufua challenged followers of his Instagram account to send him songs that he could perform "10 sec entertainment" to and the results were priceless.

The performances ranged from 1984 iconic film song Footloose to 2012 K-Pop viral sensation Gangnam Style. 

Each performance included a new costume, with his best perhaps being a budgy-smuggler-wearing Aussie to the 1978 tune YMCA by The Village People.

Other songs featured included Wrecking Ball, My Heart Will Go On and Uptown Funk.

He wrapped up the entertaining reel with a message to his fans by wishing them a happy weekend.