'It's about time he grew up' - Liam Messam makes joke about friend Stephen Donald's engagement




Chiefs stalwart Liam Messam hasn't let a golden opportunity to get one over his teammate Stephen Donald go to waste.

The Chiefs legend's engagement was revealed by Lions coach Warren Gatland yesterday.
Source: 1 NEWS

After the news yesterday that Donald had secretly become engaged was revealed by British and Irish Lions coach Warren Gatland, 1 NEWS' Stephen Stuart questioned Messam about Donald's good news.

"I think they're going to write another movie about it," Messam joked, referring to the TV movie The Kick that details Donald's 2011 Rugby World Cup winning exploits for the All Blacks.

"Good on him, about time he grew up."

Messam then quickly changed his tune in support of his old mate.

"She's a good lady, he's very lucky to have her."

The news capped off a remarkable week for Donald, who was also named to lead the Chiefs against the Lions in Hamilton tomorrow.

Gatland says his spies informed him Donald had proposed while out whitebait fishing - could he have done it any other way?
Source: 1 NEWS

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