'It's not ideal' - Steve Hansen defends pulling All Blacks out of Super Rugby teams during season

Steve Hansen has defended pulling players out of their Super Rugby teams during the season so the All Blacks can prepare for international matches.

The All Blacks' coach was speaking at the Halberg Awards last night after winning the leadership award when he was asked about the controversial move.

"Well I don't want to, but unfortunately with the way the seasons structured you've gotta have some preparation when you're going to play another international team of the standard of France," he said.

Hansen was humble when accepting his leadership award at the 55th annual Halberg Awards last night.

"I'd just like to thank all the guys and gals back home, and the team themselves," he said.

"Over the years, everyone's done their bit and I've just been lucky enough to be at the top of the tree and not fall out of it." 

Hansen says the situation isn't ideal, but the get-togethers are crucial for preparing the national side. Source: Breakfast


'We just haven't got the dough' – frank Steve Hansen says NZ Rugby can't afford to pay All Blacks players more

As more and more potential All Blacks players are tempted by big money offers to play overseas, Steve Hansen says NZ Rugby doesn't have "the dough" to pay them more.

The All Blacks' coach was speaking at the Halberg Awards last night after winning the leadership award when he was asked if his players would like to be paid more to pull on the black jersey.

"Of course everyone would want more pay, you would want more pay in your job," Hansen replied to the reporter in his usual frank manner.

He went on to say that New Zealand Rugby doesn't have as much money as people think and need to be careful how they manage spending.

"We haven't got all that money so we can't waste it on stuff that would be nice to have, therefore that money is spent really wisely.

"So yes they'd want to be paid more but we just haven't got the dough".

More potential All Blacks players are chasing the big money overseas. Source: 1 NEWS



'They're truly deserving' – America's Cup hero Joseph Sullivan backs Black Ferns for Halberg Awards success

America's Cup winning cyclor Joseph Sullivan has praised the World Champion Black Ferns, with his Team New Zealand to face off with the women's rugby stars for the team of the year prize at tonight's Halberg Awards in Auckland.

The Black Ferns have been nominated for the team of the year award, while Portia Woodman and Sarah Goss are both up in the sportswoman category.

Speaking to 1 NEWS on the awards red carpet today, Sullivan praised the Black Ferns, after their thrilling Women's World Cup performance late last year.

"The Black Ferns have put in a massive effort, and they're truly deserving of the award," Sullivan said.

"It's a hard one to pick."

"I wouldn't want to be a judge tonight."

NZ's womens rugby team are up against the sailors for team of the year tonight. Source: 1 NEWS