International Gay Rugby praise action taken against Israel Folau: 'Discriminatory views have no place in the sport'

International Gay Rugby have heralded the response by Rugby Australia's actions against Israel Folau, following his latest social media outbursts.

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The fullback’s future is again in doubt, this time in a World Cup year. Source: 1 NEWS

After Folau, 30, posted on social media that homosexuals were among a group condemned to Hell unless they repent for their sins, Rugby Australia has been quick to act, issuing a contract termination to the Wallabies' fullback.

Speaking to the Guardian, chair of International Gay Rugby Ben Owen has praised the action taken to remove Folau's attitude from the game.

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Matty McLean says Folau has to face repercussions like anyone else but Jack Tame wonders if he did it on purpose. Source: Breakfast

"We are really pleased with how quickly the unions responded," Owen said.

"The reaction of the whole rugby community shows that discriminatory views have no place in the sport.

"Reading what was put up last week is harmful enough, but it is far worse when it comes from top stars who are well-paid ambassadors for the sport."

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Folau says hell awaits drunks, homosexuals, fornicators and others. Source: Breakfast

Owen also spoke of the danger of such views to members of the LGBTQI community, with Folau a role model for those at all levels involved in rugby.

"A number of people who come to our clubs have, at some point, contemplated suicide because of the discrimination they have faced. Rugby offers them a family, a sense of belonging where people accept you for who you are.

"That is why last week was so hugely damaging.

"We have a very clear set of values that celebrate diversity, understanding and inclusiveness. It's up to everyone involved in rugby, whether a spectator, player or a coach to promote these values, on and off the field. Even more so for those members of our community who have influence."

Folau has until 4pm NZT today to appeal Rugby Australia's termination notice.