Inside the All Blacks' mullet movement: Retallick and Squire's new club

A new clique has taken shape within the All Blacks' camp, led by Brodie Retallick and Liam Squire, known simply as 'the movement'.

Led by Retallick and Squire, with Sam Cane also in the wings, the movement involves the All Blacks' main men growing out their mullets, encouraging others to join them in doing so.

Speaking in Sydney after the opening Bledisloe Cup win, Retallick detailed the club, saying that - much like the mullet on his head - he wants to see it grow as large as possible.

"If anyone is interested, we're on the movement – it's a mullet movement. Me, Liam and Sam have started it, and we're taking all members," he said at the time.

"The motto that sums it up is when we went to the hairdresser and got the mullet, she said 'if you ask me the mullet never went out of fashion'. It's always been there ... you've just got to be a true believer."

Speaking to media in Nelson today, where the All Blacks are preparing to face Argentina this Saturday, Retallick was asked about the state of the group.

"It's coming along at a great rate of knots," he said.

"(We've) secured a back in Beaudy Barrett, he told us yesterday that he went to the hairdresser and told the hairdresser not to touch the back of his hair. It's a start.

"Supposedly Jordie (Barret)'s on board, we're going good mate."

Retallick also explained that there was mixed reaction within the rest of the All Blacks, with most seemingly at peace with the movement too.

"Some people are not willing to jump on board, think it's a bit silly.

"I think everyone's behind it collectively."

The forwards are encouraging NZ to get behind their new trend. Source: 1 NEWS

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