'I'm sick of it mate' - Fired up England coach Eddie Jones unleashes verbal spray on English media

England's rugby coach Eddie Jones has unleashed a verbal attack on the English media about the treatment of his fullback Mike Brown, giving one reporter a piece of his mind.

After his side's Six Nations 12-6 win over Wales yesterday, Jones gave BBC Five Live radio's reporter Chris Jones a dressing down.

Brown was awarded the man-of-the-match after his impressive performance under the high ball.

The BBC reporter asked Jones about his thoughts of Brown's work ethic during the match.

"You guys tell me he can't play Test rugby, and now you're telling me he's good," said Jones.

"You guys are unbelievable. Fair dinkum, you guys are unbelievable.

"You're always criticising him, and now he has a good game, you're all on the band wagon."

Chris Jones suggested to the England coach not to treat all media as one, which infuriated the former Wallabies coach even more.

"Oh, I think we can. I think we can. And I'm sick of it, mate."

Jones continued his attack on the poor BBC reporter, saying reporters believe they know more than him and his staff.

"And you guys are better selectors than we are. That's what you think you are. And now he (Brown) plays a good game, you're all on the band wagon," said Jones.

"He's been excellent for 23 games for us. so I don't know what was different today."

England take on Scotland next in their Six Nations competition on February 25.