'I'm living the dream' - Nelson College 1st XV star out to become first German All Black

Anton Segner is far from your normal New Zealand high school rugby star, the Nelson College first XV member hailing from Germany.

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Anton Segner’s New Zealand odyssey started at Nelson College and now he’s playing for the Tasman Mako. Source: Seven Sharp

In 2017, Segner made the decision to leave his home, leave his family and chase his dream of playing rugby in New Zealand.

"I was like any other German kid, I was playing the round ball, I was playing football," he said.

"But then getting introduced to rugby, as soon as I felt that contact, as soon as I made my first tackle, my first carry, I fell in love with the game.

"My parents weren't a big fan of the decision. I decided to come to New Zealand and see what it's like, and I was fortunate enough to make the first XV."

Nelson College acting headmaster Tim Tucker praised Segner's decision to chase his dream.

"The level of courage it takes for them to come to a country that in all honesty they've never heard of in the middle of nowhere, to a school where they know absolutely no-one," he said.

"He's a guy of phenomenal character and attitude, massively loyal and passionate about Nelson College, and he's a good rugby player."

Segner's abilities haven't gone unnoticed either, signing a two-year professional deal with the Tasman Mako.

"That has been my dream. ever since I first touched a rugby ball," Segner continued.

"It's definitely my dream to be an All Black.

"I just want to make sure that I make my family proud and show them that it's worth it living on the other side of the world and away from them and know that I'm living the dream over here in Nelson."