Hurricanes destroy Brumbies to end Australian Super Rugby hopes




The Hurricanes have sealed their spot in the 2017 Super Rugby semi-finals, defeating the Brumbies 35-16 in Canberra.

The visitors trailed 16-15 at halftime, before a ruthless attacking display in the second half saw the reigning champions blitz their way to an emphatic win.

FULLTIME: Hurricanes 35 Brumbies 16

That's it! Game over as the Hurricanes assert their class over the Brumbies. A phenomenal second half sees the Super Rugby champions become the first side through to this year's semi-finals!

78 mins: Hurricanes 35 Brumbies 16

TRY! The Brumbies manage a breakaway but the Hurricanes get back and turn the ball over! Beauden Barrett kicks across field but the ball doesn't go out, Speight tries to counter attack but is tackled.

The Brumbies look to pass the ball but Jordie Barrett intercepts! He gets the ball away to Goosen who races away to grab his second of the night! Jordie Barrett with another kick now, he's got it! Hurricanes lead by 19!

74 mins: Hurricanes 28 Brumbies 16

A whopping 83 per cent of the second half has been played in the Brumbies territory. Kuridrani is down for the hosts as Jordie Barrett loses the ball in a tackle. Kuridrani now leaving the field for a concussion test.

Brumbies scrum.

71 mins: Hurricanes 28 Brumbies 16

TRY! The Hurricanes with all the possession at the moment. Shields is taken down just over the 40m line. Coles makes a burst now and gets a pass away to Perenara who scores! What a bit of play from Dane Coles!

Jordie Barrett adds the extras as the Hurricanes lead by 12 now.

66 mins: Hurricanes 21 Brumbies 16

Coles throws, Hurricanes attack. The forwards looking to pick and go now, the Brumbies steal the ball but the referee penalises them for hands in the ruck, Sio the culprit. The Hurricanes will have a shot at goal.

Jordie Barrett with the kick, and he's got it! Hurricanes now ahead by five.

63 mins: Hurricanes 18 Brumbies 16

Perenara picks up from the back of the scrum but the Brumbies turn the ball over again! Great defence from the hosts as Cubelli clears the ball.

Again, Hurricanes lineout.

62 mins: Hurricanes 18 Brumbies 16

The Hurricanes attack again! Beauden Barrett attacks the line but is bought down, Perenara has the ball but the Brumbies have knocked it on?!

Another attacking scrum for the Hurricanes.

60 mins: Hurricanes 18 Brumbies 16

Coles throws and the Hurricanes pick and go. Shields drives and somehow Cubelli manages to snatch the ball! The Brumbies trying get the ball away for a clearance, and Powell does so.

Hurricanes lineout.

59 mins: Hurricanes 18 Brumbies 16

The Hurricanes attack down the right and the ref has the arm out. Coles runs before finding Perenara, Lousi runs at the Brumbies but spills the ball to go back for the penalty.

The referee goes back and the Hurricanes take the lineout.

57 mins: Hurricanes 18 Brumbies 16

Hawera manages to clear the ball, despite another chargedown attempt by Fifita. Another attacking lineout for the Hurricanes.

Coles throws and Ardie Savea has it. Perenara to Beauden Barrett, to Ardie Savea, back to Beauden Barrett who kicks over the top, where Cubelli takes a ripper of a catch to call for the mark.

Again the Hurricanes fail to convert a chance.

54 mins: Hurricanes 18 Brumbies 16

The Brumbies give away a penalty for playing the ball on the ground, Beauden Barrett kicks the ball down for an attacking lineout in a great position for the Hurricanes.

Coles with the throw, Laumape with the ball from the back of the lineout and the Hurricanes try to form a maul, they give the ball away though and the Brumbies now have a penalty!

52 mins: Hurricanes 18 Brumbies 16

The Brumbies with some good front-foot ball at the moment, Hawera kicks through but Milner-Skudder cleans up. The Brumbies kick and it's a good one as they force a Hurricanes lineout on the 20m line.

49 mins: Hurricanes 18 Brumbies 16

Penalty! Jordie Barrett makes no mistake and the Hurricanes hit the lead!

48 mins: Hurricanes 15 Brumbies 16

The Hurricanes win the scrum, they pick and go at the line and the ref has the arm out for offside! Beauden Barrett with the ball and passes to Jordie Barrett through a gap - but the ball's forward!

The ref goes back for the advantage and the Hurricanes will take the shot at goal while they're still down to 14.

47 mins: Hurricanes 15 Brumbies 16

Scott Fardy wins a penalty for the Brumbies, Hawera kicks the ball but it's not out! The Hurricanes attack again through Beauden Barrett who kicks, the Brumbies return serve straight to

Milner-Skudder. He passes to Fifita who makes a burst down the wing, offloading but Fardy is there again.

The Brumbies throw the ball backwards but no one's there! Shields chases but can't get there in time as the Brumbies manage to recover the ball, before being tackled in goal.

Hurricanes scrum.

44 mins: Hurricanes 15 Brumbies 16

The Hurricanes waste another opportunity, as Nehe Milner-Skudder's offload goes forward to Jordie Barrett, the Brumbies get out of jail again.

42 mins: Hurricanes 15 Brumbies 16

The Brumbies under pressure straight away, Hawera managed to clear the ball from behind his own posts for the Hurricanes to have a lineout on the 40m line.

41 mins: Hurricanes 15 Brumbies 16

Both sides are back out on the field, with the big news being Christian Lealiifano back on the field for the first time since recovering from leukaemia, amazing. Beauden Barrett kicks off to get the game back underway.

HALFTIME: Hurricanes 15 Brumbies 16

There'll be time for one last Brumbies lineout before the break. The Hurricanes give away another penalty for playing the man and the Brumbies go for the corner again!

The Brumbies drive, trying to use the extra man, Arnold goes at the line but he's held up! Great defence to end the half with just 14 men.

41 mins: Hurricanes 15 Brumbies 16

Yellow card! The Brumbies win a penalty now as To'omaga-Allen plays the ball on the ground as the siren goes. The referee is checking with the TMO for potential foul play against To'omaga-Allen.

He looks to have made contact with his shoulder to the head of a Brumbies player in a tackle! He's shown a yellow, lucky not to be red.

40 mins: Hurricanes 15 Brumbies 16

Penalty! Riccitelli has run down the tunnel with what looks like an injury, meaning Dane Coles is on the field for the first time since March. His first act will be a lineout and the

Hurricanes win a penalty! Fardy took Lousi out in the air to give that one away.

The Hurricanes opt to take the points! Jordie Barrett lines up the kick and he's nailed it! Hurricanes trailing by just one point once again.

38 mins: Hurricanes 12 Brumbies 16

Beauden Barrett throws a huge cutout pass to his brother Jordie, who takes the tackle. Riccitelli with the ball now and charges at the line. Barrett puts a kick through for Laumape, but

Dargaville gets there first, and tries to run the ball out of danger before passing to Banks who clears, narrowly avoiding Fifita's chargedown attempt.

36 mins: Hurricanes 12 Brumbies 16

Dargaville is smashed in a tackle and loses the ball after a high kick, winning the Hurricanes a scrum just over halfway, Josh Mann-Rea has gone down injured for the Brumbies as the ref calls time off.

He's back up on his feet now as things get back underway.

32 mins: Hurricanes 12 Brumbies 16

The Hurricanes win a penalty now through Peranara, Barrett kicks right into the corner for a lineout. Riccitelli throws and Abbott wins it. Rory Arnold does well and wins a penalty for the Brumbies now. The Hurricanes are creating the chances, but not doing enough to take them.

30 mins: Hurricanes 12 Brumbies 16

Penalty! The Brumbies win another penalty after the Hurricanes are offside at the ruck, Hawera points to the posts and will have a shot at goal.

It's good! The Brumbies push their lead out to four points.

27 mins: Hurricanes 12 Brumbies 13

TRY! The Hurricanes have a lineout on the 40m line. They win it and attack again, Abbott goes at the line but is tackled, Ardie Savea spots a gap and runs but is bought down. Perenara shifts it out left to Milner-Skudder who tries to step infield but is tackled, Perenara passes and the ball bounces off Ben May, the ball is loose and Jordie Barrett pounces and scores!

The ref wants to check upstairs as the ball came off Ben May's head! This is going to be a try! Its given! Unbelievable try from the Hurricanes!

Jordie Barrett looking to convert his own try, and he does! Hurricanes trail by just one now.

24 mins: Hurricanes 5 Brumbies 13

Huge scrum from the Hurricanes and they've forced a knock on! To'omaga-Allen the hero there! The visitors will now have a scrum right on the Brumbies' five-metre line to try and get some points back.

Shields takes the ball from the back of the scrum, finding Laumape who crashes through the line. The Hurricanes move the ball out to Julian Savea who runs at the line, bumps off Banks, before Kuridrani forces him out for a Brumbies lineout.

21 mins: Hurricanes 5 Brumbies 13

Perenara feeds and the Hurricanes are up in a swarm! Shields finds Laumape who takes the ball into a tackle, the Hurricanes five phases through, but Perenara's knocked the ball on! A golden opportunity wasted by the Hurricanes.

19 mins: Hurricanes 5 Brumbies 13

The Hurricanes win a penalty now after a Brumbies knock-on, they'll have a scrum in a great position.

18 mins: Hurricanes 5 Brumbies 13

TRY! The Brumbies drive from the lineout and they're over, but have they got the ball down? The ref checks upstairs with the TMO.

No try the initial call. It looks like it's been held up by the Hurricanes, no it hasn't! Josh Mann-Rea has scored and the Brumbies have started this game with a bang!

Hawera with the kick, and he's missed again off the woodwork! Brumbies with an eight point lead.

16 mins: Hurricanes 5 Brumbies 8

The Brumbies form a maul from their own lineout, the ref has the arm out for another penalty! Hawera kicks through to make the most of the advantage and Milner-Skudder gets there first before play is stopped to go back for the penalty.

Again the Brumbies opt for a lineout.

15 mins: Hurricanes 5 Brumbies 8

The Hurricanes spill another kick off and the Brumbies attack once again! Hawera kicks for the corner and the Hurricanes will have a lineout.

Beauden Barrett clears but straight to the Brumbies who attack again! Hawera stabs a kick through, but no one's chasing! Barrett again cleans up and kicks the ball out for a Brumbies lineout.

12 mins: Hurricanes 5 Brumbies 8

Penalty! The Brumbies have a scrum after a Jordie Barrett knock-on and they win a penalty! This time they don't hesitate in having a shot at goal.

Hawera lines up his second kick of the night from about 40m out, but straight in front of the posts. He's got it! The Brumbies back in front once again!

9 mins: Hurricanes 5 Brumbies 5

TRY! The Hurricanes hit back now! A clever move from the lineout, as Riccitelli throws a long throw that Goosen of all people pounces on and races away to score a brilliant try! The

Hurricanes level scores with a kick to come.

Jordie Barrett with the kick, and he's missed too! Neither kickers having a good night so far.

7 mins: Hurricanes 0 Brumbies 5

The Brumbies again win the kick-off, they put a bomb up and Milner-Skudder makes a great take! The Hurricanes look to move the ball through Beauden Barrett, who finds Milner- Skudder again, who kicks over the top before the ref goes pack for a penalty against the Brumbies for not rolling away.

Barrett boots the ball into touch for a Hurricanes lineout.

4 mins: Hurricanes 0 Brumbies 5

TRY! The Brumbies with a strong lineout and they attack the Hurricanes' line! Kuridrani with a strong run before being tackled! Huge overlap out on the wing and Dargaville goes over to score! What a start from the Brumbies!

Hawera lines up the kick, and it's off the post! The Brumbies lead by five in the early minutes!

2 mins: Hurricanes 0 Brumbies 0

The Brumbies recycling the ball well in the opening minutes, into their 10th phase already. Speight makes a bust but is quickly bought down! The Hurricanes' defence holding firm as the Brumbies throw a dodgy pass out to Dargaville, but the Hurricanes give away a penalty!

The Brumbies look for touch rather than take the early points, this could come back to haunt them.


Wharenui Hawera gets things going and straight away the Brumbies win the ball from their own kick-off!


Huge cheers for the Brumbies as they make their way out onto the field, play just moments away now.


The Hurricanes are the first team out of the tunnel, TJ Perenara leading the side onto the pitch with Dane Coles to make his return off the bench.


Just minutes away from kick-off now! Temperatures are expected to drop as low as freezing point in Canberra tonight!


A steady crowd is starting to build at GMO Stadium, hoping to see the Brumbies topple the high flying Hurricanes on their home patch. The visitors however will have other ideas, with

the lethal combination of the two Barrett brothers, who between them have scored 15 tries from 15 games this season.


What a night we're in for tonight! Both teams are going through their warm-ups. A lot of attention being paid to Dane Coles, for the Hurricanes, making his comeback on this chilly Canberra night.

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