History! Pumas pull off first ever win over sloppy All Blacks with Sydney boil over

Relive 1 NEWS' live updates of the Tri-Nations Test between the All Blacks and the Pumas from Bankwest Stadium in Sydney.

FT: NZL 15-25 ARG

History! Pumas win their first ever match over the All Blacks in their 30th encounter. There's tears from the players. There's tears from the staff and you can see how much it means to them.

For the All Blacks, a sloppy performance tonight. No other way to describe it. Poor discipline, poor handling and there will be lots of questions now that a strong line-up has been handled like this.

That's all for our live updates. Have a good evening.

80min: NZL 15-25 ARG

NZL TRY! Clarke scores a consolation try in the left corner but the party has already started...

77min: NZL 10-25 ARG

ARG THREE! Sanchez heaves it over and that should seal it. Three minutes to go.

76min: NZL 10-22 ARG

Whitelock penalised at the lineout. Pumas are opting for a shot at three on halfway to chew up the clock here.

74min: NZL 10-22 ARG

All Blacks earn another penalty and get back inside the Pumas 22m with it. Ball comes to the right to Mo'unga and he's wrapped up. The ball isn't released and it's a penalty to the Pumas. History is now beckoning for the Pumas...

72min: NZL 10-22 ARG

Sotutu off the back of the scrum comes right, he fires it to an unmarked McKenzie on the right wing and he's thrown a shocker! Bounces into touch and moment goes begging. Pumas lineout 5m from their own line.

71min: NZL 10-22 ARG

Another penalty for the All Blacks and they choose a scrum here instead of the lineout. Scrum is in the middle of the field, 10m from the Pumas line. Must-score moment here.

68min: NZL 10-22 ARG

All Blacks work the ball with forwards for 12 phases but go nowhere so Mo'unga goes for a kick but it's straight into a defenders hands. Pumas clear and All Blacks start again. Sotutu with another strong run gets the All Blacks inside the Pumas half and there's a penalty for the ABs! Mo'unga finds touch and it's a lineout 20m from the Pumas line.

64min: NZL 10-22 ARG

Superb run from Sotutu off the scrum gets the All Blacks inside the Pumas 22m. Ball comes left with numbers, it makes its way out to Ioane and he's dropped it cold! Handling errors and penalties really killing the All Blacks tonight. Pumas scrum inside their 22m.

62min: NZL 10-22 ARG

All Blacks cough it up at the lineout.  Pumas eventually clear and Mo'unga brings it back inside the Argentina half. All Blacks move the ball down the line but it's sloppy. Ball goes to ground backwards. Pumas try to recover but there's a knock on. No advantage so All Blacks scrum 10m inside Pumas territory. More changes. Weber in for Smith. McKenzie in for Goodhue.

60min: NZL 10-22 ARG

Another big chance here for the All Blacks with a Smith box kick leading to a penalty. Great chase leads to the Pumas getting swamped and penalised for not releasing. Mo'unga finds the corner and it's a 5m lineout.

58min: NZL 10-22 ARG

ARG THREE! All Blacks are caught offside and the Pumas take the three on offer from out front. Deficit back out to 12.

56min: NZL 10-19 ARG

Pumas back on the attack here after a poor clearing kick from Clarke only just gets outside the All Blacks' 22m. Pumas lineout coming up.

54min: NZL 10-19 ARG

NZL TRY! All Blacks finally get their first try. Nothing fancy, maul the ball over the line and Captain Cane's done it again. Mo'unga from the left sideline 25m out slots the crucial two points after.

52min: NZL 3-19 ARG

Pumas give up another penalty with an incorrect maul join. All Blacks go for the corner and this time Mo'unga is accurate. Need to score here.

51min: NZL 3-19 ARG

All Blacks win a rare penalty and use it to find touch. All Blacks' lineout is just outside the Pumas 22m.

49min: NZL 3-19 ARG

Foster's had enough and he's made some early changes. Coles off, Jordie off, Frizell off. Taylor, Ioane and Sotutu on. All Blacks with a lineout 10m inside the Pumas' half.

47min: NZL 3-19 ARG

ARG THREE! Another penalty as the All Blacks illegally join the maul after the lineout. 40m out, Sanchez slots this one with ease.

44min: NZL 3-16 ARG

And things get even worse as the All Blacks scrum gives up a penalty. Pumas find touch and get a lineout on halfway.

43min: NZL 3-16 ARG

The All Blacks' first attacking chance goes begging as Jordie Barrett drops the ball cold in the midfield. Argentina scrum in the middle of the field, just inside their 22m.

42min: NZL 3-16 ARG

All Blacks get the first penalty of the second half. That gives them a lineout just inside the Pumas' 22m.

40min: NZL 3-16 ARG

Barrett gets us going again.

HT: NZL 3-16 ARG

It was a fiery opening to the Test in Sydney. Source: Photosport

That's the first half and there probably aren't a lot of people that saw this scoreline coming. Poor discipline matched with failure to execute on their attacking chances has the All Blacks staring down a 13-point deficit at the half. Pumas came out with passion they're known for and have rattled the All Blacks with it so far. Foster needs some magic words at the half to shake this one.

Stay with us, the second half is in 15 minutes.

Telling stats: All Blacks have given up eight penalties, six turnovers and three handling errors so far.

39min: NZL 3-16 ARG

Well, that's a good summary of the All Blacks' first half. They get a penalty from the scrum. Mo'unga gets the ball to kick for the corner but Mo'unga overcooks the penalty and kicks it dead! Pumas with a scrum 10m from halfway. That should take us to half time.

37min: NZL 3-16 ARG

Argentina knock-on so All Blacks' turn for a scrum now. 10m inside the Pumas half. Really need some points before the half here...

36min: NZL 3-16 ARG

All Blacks go short with the restart and Clarke tries to recover it but there's a knock on. Pumas scrum to get us going again but it's slow. Three resets now.

33min: NZL 3-16 ARG

ARG THREE! Another penalty and Argentina take the free three on offer. The lead pushed to 13 now.

31min: NZL 3-13 ARG

Pumas make a break in the middle of the field and it's only a last-ditch tackle from a sweeping Mo'unga that stops the try initially. Pumas try to muscle their way over but it results in Matera being held up. Argentina scrum 5m out now.

29min: NZL 3-13 ARG

And just as quickly as the opportunity came, it's gone. The All Blacks penalised for not releasing at the ruck soonafter the lineout. Stat check: The All Blacks have conceded seven penalties to Argentina's three.

28min: NZL 3-13 ARG

Jordie Barrett puts up a big kick and the Pumas look to call mark inside their 22m but spill the ball! They manage to recover it and hastily clear but All Blacks get a lineout 30m from the Pumas line.

26min: NZL 3-13 ARG

ARG THREE! All Blacks discipline continues to let them down early on here. After the dropout, Argentina looks to go high but Jordie Barrett hits the kicker late. That's another penalty where the ball lands and this one is much more kickable. Sanchez slots it and puts his team up by 10.

23min: NZL 3-10 ARG

ARG NO THREE! All Blacks earn a penalty after the restart but it's reversed! Referee Gardner didn't like Coles rubbing it in the Pumas' face and he's gone and reversed the penalty to shut the hooker up. Pumas look to add three with the penalty from 45m out near the left sideline but miss it to the right. All Blacks to get a 22m dropout.

20min: NZL 3-10 ARG

ARG TRY! The All Blacks are caught napping! With a penalty advantage up the Pumas' sleeve, Sanchez opts for a chip over the top of the All Blacks line and has support. It's grubbered ahead by Bruni and Sanchez dives on it to score. Nice bit of South American flare there.

17min: NZL 3-3 ARG

Pumas get some more free metres with another penalty as Savea is done for playing the ball off his feet. Pumas with another lineout - this one just outside the ABs 22m.

16min: NZL 3-3 ARG

All Blacks can't convert on their journey to the Pumas' 22m. They're penalised for not releasing and the Pumas get out of jail free. Lineout 10m from halfway.

15min: NZL 3-3 ARG

Argentina clear but they're back in trouble with a penalty. All Blacks kick for the corner and get a lineout 15m from the Argentina line.

14min: NZL 3-3 ARG

All Blacks keep the ball off the kick off and slowly make their way out of their 22m. Smith puts up a high ball and Clarke gives chase and manages to bring it in! All Blacks fire it left and Mo'unga tries to kick one ahead but he's put a bit too much on this and the mark is called. Free kick, Argentina.

11min: NZL 3-3 ARG

NZL THREE! All Blacks attack can't break the line but they do earn another penalty. Cane decides the three points will do this time and Mo'unga slots it from in front, 15m out.

9min: NZL 0-3 ARG

All Blacks with a big attacking chance here. Pumas penalised for playing the ball on Smith. They decide to leave the free three points and kick for the corner. All Blacks lineout 5m out.

8min: NZL 0-3 ARG

Pumas clear early after the restart. All Blacks win the lineout 40m out and attack the midfield. Work the ball for a few phases before opting for a high ball into the sun. Pumas manage to bring it in but in the panic, soonafter throw the ball out! Maybe the sun was still in their eyes? All Blacks lineout 15m from the Pumas line.

5min: NZL 0-3 ARG

ARG THREE! Four minutes in and we've already got our first scuffle! Replays show it started with a push from Pumas captain Matera on Frizell and the All Black responds with a hand in the face. Scuffle ensues but when it's all finished, nothing serious comes of it besides Argentina keeping the penalty they had previously earned. Pumas grab the tee and slot this from 40m out in the middle of the field. Easy enough. Argentina with a lead.

3min: NZL 0-0 ARG

Pumas set it in the middle of the field and attempt a drop goal! How's that for a start to the game!? It's wide of the right post though so All Blacks get a 22m dropout.

2min: NZL 0-0 ARG

All Blacks clear the deep kick-off but Pumas play the throw-in early and look to attack. Appears to have caught the All Blacks offguard as there's an early penalty, allowing the Pumas to get a lineout just inside the All Blacks 22m. 


Argentina kick things off and we're underway in Sydney!


Cracking afternoon in Sydney. Good conditions for running but we could also see kicking games come into effect with the arvo sun still making its presence felt. Currently 22 degrees with a light westerly around the place. 

Anthems are sung and with no TJ Perenara in the 23 today, Aaron Smith steps up to lead the haka. All Blacks challenge with Ka Mate and it's well received by the Pumas and Sydney crowd.

Moments away from starting this one!


The All Blacks are on a mission to avoid rare back-to-back defeats and Argentina's Pumas could well feel the backlash this evening.

The mighty ABs have not lost successive Tests in almost a decade, and skipper Sam Cane admits they do not plan on following up last week's shock 24-22 defeat by the Wallabies with another Rugby Championship slip-up.

"We obviously weren't overly proud of last week's performance and we came out of the review at the start of this week with some pretty clear focuses," Cane said today.

"So we'll be going out there for sure to put in a much-improved performance and one that we can be proud of.

"I don't feel I have to try and motivate the team as such to try and play well. They've got a bit of an edge about them already."

The All Blacks have not tasted defeat in consecutive Tests since losing to South Africa and Australia on the spin in 2011.

Added to that, they have never succumbed to the Pumas - whose best result in 29 meetings with New Zealand was a draw in Buenos Aires back in 1985.

But the All Blacks are treating the South Americans with respect, coach Ian Foster naming a full-strength line-up for the clash at Sydney's Bankwest Stadium.

Taking no chances in trying to preserve their unbeaten record against the Pumas, Foster has recalled first-choice halves Richie Mo'unga and Aaron Smith, along with destructive winger Caleb Clarke, who all sat out last Saturday's loss to Australia in Brisbane.

The Pumas are lining up for their first Test since thumping the USA more than a year ago, but Cane suspects the South Americans will be primed to go after two warm-up games against Australia A.

"Any team who have had a lot of preparation building up to a Test match and so much energy has gone into it, they're always going to be a dangerous side," Cane said.

"They're the first Argentinian team to be playing and out representing their country this year, so they'll go out with immense pride and we know how passionate they can be.

"So we're expecting the first 20 minutes, particularly, for it to be all on."


All Blacks: 1. Joe Moody, 2. Dane Coles, 3. Tyrel Lomax, 4. Patrick Tuipulotu, 5. Samuel Whitelock, 6. Shannon Frizell, 7. Sam Cane - captain, 8. Ardie Savea, 9. Aaron Smith, 10. Richie Mo’unga, 11. Caleb Clarke, 12. Jack Goodhue, 13. Anton Lienert-Brown, 14. Jordie Barrett, 15. Beauden Barrett

Reserves: 16. Codie Taylor, 17. Alex Hodgman, 18. Nepo Laulala, 19. Tupou Vaa’i, 20. Hoskins Sotutu, 21. Brad Weber, 22. Rieko Ioane, 23. Damian McKenzie

Argentina: 1. Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro, 2. Julián Montoya, 3. Francisco Gómez Kodela, 4. Guido Petti, 5. Matías Alemanno, 6. Pablo Matera (captain), 7. Marcos Kremer, 8. Rodrigo Bruni; 9. Tomás Cubelli, 10. Nicolás Sánchez, 11. Juan Imhoff, 12. Santiago Chocobares, 13. Matías Orlando, 14. Bautista Delguy, 15. Santiago Carreras.

Reserves: 16. Facundo Bosch, 17. Mayco Vivas, 18. Santiago Medrano, 19. Santiago Grondona, 20. Tomás Lezana, 21. Gonzalo Bertranou, 22. Lucio Cinti, 23. Santiago Cordero.