Hilarous! Rugby referee left red-faced after blowing into broken whistle




A referee in the European Champions Cup has given fans and players something to remember, after trying to officiate a game of rugby with a broken whistle.

Commentators were perplexed as to what was going on, as Andrew Brace seemingly allowed play to continue between Wasps and Zebre after foul play occurred at the break down.

On closer inspection however Brace's whistle was in fact broken, with the referee blowing his lungs out into a hollow piece of metal.

"They haven't heard it but the referee keeps going at his whistle," chuckled the commentators.

"We don't see this too often do we?" the pair continued.

All was resolved when a replacement whistle was bought on to the field, leaving Brace being applauded by some very amused fans and players.

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