Hilarious Trade Me ad: $1000 to sit on a man's sofa for Super Rugby final

A Wellington man has posted a tongue-in-cheek auction on Trade Me for those who are looking for a one-off Super Rugby final experience.

Seller Kent_barnz is offering bidders an option of 2 x Platinum or 2 x Silver seats at his house to watch the Super Rugby final between the Hurricanes and Highlanders in the capital on Saturday night.

The starting price of $1000 offers platinum seats on his favourite spot on the couch, where the cat often sits. The silver option is on the other side of the room where you can still see the 40inch Panasonic television.

"Kick-off is at 7:35. But I don't have Sky so it'll be on at 9:30 on Prime. If you come around at about 10pm we can fast forward through the ads with the TiVo box and watch it non-stop. Be sure to have the radio off in the car so you don't hear the score. If you do, for Pete's sake don't tell me".

He says he will offer complementary homebrew due to not having a liquor license and even throw in some Pam's chips.

"I've not yet told the wife we'll be having strangers over on Saturday night, so there may be some dirty looks from the corner.

"You will also have to keep the noise down as the kids will be sleeping in the room next door".

The auction has sparked some interesting questions from potential bidders. "How much is postage to Tokora?" Obeymykuz asked. Answer being: "That depends if you want bus or taxi, do you guys have an airport?"

Mcgus posed another question: "How much would you put for a buy now?" Answer: "No reason to sell any quicker. Kick off isn't until 10pm Sat."

The auction has attracted over 7000 views but no bids. Kent_barnz has 100% positive feedback.

Trade Me advert for Super Rugby spot on couch

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