As it happened: Crusaders keep late-surging Chiefs at bay to win in wet derby

Relive 1 NEWS' live updates of this afternoon's Super Rugby Aotearoa derby between the Crusaders and Chiefs at Orangetheory Stadium in Christchurch.

FT: CRU 18-13 CHI

Crusaders wind down the clock, kick it into touch and that's the game! Chiefs showed some good fight at the end but handling errors and discipline cost them today. Crusaders sneak away with a win at home after striking either side of halftime as they have done so often in the past.

That's all from us this afternoon, enjoy your evenings.

78min: CRU 18-13 CHI

Chiefs work the ball for 17 phases but they lose it! Crusaders in a panicked state try to clear from their line but it's a poor kick and the Chiefs are back on attack. They're set on the 22m, the ball comes to McKenzie and he drops it cold! Crusaders scrum heading into the last minute of the game. That may do it.

75min: CRU 18-13 CHI

Chiefs with a huge chance to steal it here. Cruden catches the Crusaders off guard with a kick for territory. They get back but the ball is carried back inside their 22m and they clear with the kick going out on the full, meaning we come all the way back for Chiefs lineout jsut 20m from the Crusaders line!

72min: CRU 18-13 CHI

CRU MISSED THREE! Crusaders set a maul from the lineout and earn apenalty soon after as the Chiefs enter it incorrectly. The penalty is just inside halfway from in front. Mo'unga hands the tee to Havili as it's not in his range. Havili lines it up, gives it a good hack but he's missed it to the left. Chiefs with a 22m dropout to restart.

70min: CRU 18-13 CHI

No mucking around after the restart from the Chiefs. Clear the ball and give the Crusaders a lineout on halfway.

69min: CRU 18-13 CHI

CHI THREE! Chiefs earn another penalty and with momentum on their side, opt for the free three on offer from out front. McKenzie slots it easy and Chiefs within striking distance now! Strap in folks!

68min: CRU 18-10 CHI

Chiefs will get a good chance to attack here after earning a penalty shortly after the lineout. Kick for touch gets them a lineout 10m inside the Crusaders' half.

67min: CRU 18-10 CHI

Crusaders are happy to play a territory game here. Kick for touch and find it. Chiefs lineout on their own 22m. Crusaders are challenging them to come and win this by the looks.

65min: CRU 18-10 CHI

CHI TRY! Chiefs win the lineout and set the maul. It dies near the line but Weber sees space on the blindside and fires a ball to Wainui he goes in easy. McKenzie from the right sideline slots it! We have a game!

63min: CRU 18-3 CHI

Chiefs get a chance to strike back here as they earn a penalty soon after the restart. Cruden kicks for touch and get the Chiefs a lineout 10m from the Crusaders line.

60min: CRU 18-3 CHI

CRU THREE! Chiefs discipline costs them further as they get penalised for hands in the ruck. Mo'unga grabs the tee and slots it with ease. Chiefs need something special here to get back into this match.

57min: CRU 15-3 CHI

Chiefs are their own biggest enemies right now. They do well to keep the Crusaders inside their half but give away a penalty for joining the ruck incorrectly. Crusaders clear and get a lineout on halfway.

54min: CRU 15-3 CHI

Chiefs look to get back on attack with a lineout 40m from the Crusaders line thanks to a poor kick-pass attempt earlier but it's gone to waste with the throw not straight at said lineout. Crusaders get a scrum instead.

52min: CRU 15-3 CHI

Crusaders work a nice piece at the lineout and get Taylor space down the left wing. He's brought down inside the Chiefs 22. Crusaders look to recycle quickly but lose it and the Chiefs clear. Crusaders lineout near halfway again.

50min: CRU 15-3 CHI

Crusaders scrum gets the penalty and use it to get a lineout on halfway. Reece comes off the field smiling. His night is finished early as Robertson looks to give Havili an extended run off the bench.

49min: CRU 15-3 CHI

Chiefs look to reply straight away and find some space through McKenzie. He moves the ball on to the right wing but the pass - a decent one at that - doesn't stick and it's a knock on. Crusaders scrum 39m from their own line.

46min: CRU 15-3 CHI

CRU TRY! Jordan gets a double out of nowhere! Chiefs throw the ball into touch 35m from their own line. Reece goes and grabs it and gets the Chiefs napping! He throws it in to Jordan, who brushes off one nearby defender before going in to score. The Chiefs are complaining about it but nothing wrong with that. Crusaders extend their lead.

42min: CRU 10-3 CHI

Crusaders win the first battle of the second half as a Chiefs maul that develops in open play is held up. Crusaders scrum just outside their 22m.

40min: CRU 10-3 CHI

Underway for the second half.

HT: CRU 10-3 CHI

Sevu Reece makes a break against the Chiefs. Source: Photosport

Scrappy, wet weather rugby in Christchurch so far. Chiefs did well not to concede just before the half but will be annoyed they have not got more points for the possession and territory they've had so far. It'll also hurt that the Crusaders try came off two errors - the poor lineout and McKenzie's misread.

Crusaders will be happy with their lead but know the handling errors have hurt them. Stay with us. The second half is coming up!

38min: CRU 10-3 CHI

And the Chiefs forwards deliver! Crusaders try to set a maul but the ball gets locked up and can't get to ground. Nothing coming from it and the ref eventually gives the Chiefsa scrum.

37min: CRU 10-3 CHI

Crusaders with a chance to launch one last attack here in the half. Get a penalty on halfway and use it to get a lineout. Superb kick from Mo'unga will set it 5m out from the line. Chiefs need to make a big stop here.

35min: CRU 10-3 CHI

CRU TRY! Out of nowhere, Reece with the magic! Crusaders gain control of the ball from the lineout and Mo'unga puts up a high ball towards the right wing. McKenzie comes in to take it but misreads it while Reece reads it perfectly. Takes the ball and immediately launches down the right wing. He's got support and gives it to Jordan to finish as he gets taken out. Great piece of work there.

32min: CRU 3-3 CHI

Crusaders aren't able to get anything going and make matters worse with a knock on. Chiefs then get an added bonus at the scrum as the Crusaders front row is penalised. Chiefs get a lineout 35m from the Crusaders lineout as a result.

29min: CRU 3-3 CHI

Chiefs waste no time looking to pin the Crusaders down in their half again as they kick the ball back into their opponent's territory. A great take from Jordan though sees him get some extra metres before being taken down. Chiefs are penalised soonafter for killing the ball. Crusaders back on attack now with a lineout 35m out from the Chiefs' line.

27min: CRU 3-3 CHI

CHI MISSED THREE! Crusaders are penalised once again for illegally joining the ruck. McKenzie grabs the tee again but this one is much tougher. 40m out near the left touch line. He gets good contact but it's away to the right. 22m dropout to restart.

25min: CRU 3-3 CHI

Chiefs are back on attack here. Impressive kick from Cruden finds space. Bridge gets back to control the loose ball but his clearance isn't sharp. Chiefs lineout 35m from the Crusaders' line.

24min: CRU 3-3 CHI

CHI THREE! Crusaders are penalised once again and Cane takes the three on offer this time. McKenzie grabs the tee and sets up from right in front, 20m out. No doubt. Tied up in Garden City.

21min: CRU 3-0 CHI

Chiefs are back on the attack here with another lineout inside the Crusaders' 22. They'll look to launch an attack from 20m out.

17min: CRU 3-0 CHI

Chiefs win the lineout and go to their backline eventually after their maul goes nowhere. McKenzie tries to find a hole but gets shut down close. Goodhue swarms in and forces a turnover! Hall gets to the ball and kicks it for a clearance. Does a nice job to. Chiefs lineout again, but this time their 40m away from the Crusaders line. Defence holds so far.

15min: CRU 3-0 CHI

Chiefs with their first big attacking chance here. Crusaders are penalised for offside and rather than looking at the three points on offer, the Chiefs kick for touch. 5m lineout coming up.

13min: CRU 3-0 CHI

This game is a bit chaotic at the moment! Both sides struggling with handling which allows the other to launch a counterattack. This last one has gone a bit awry though as Reece looks to kick for territory and it goes off the side of his boot and out on the full. Chiefs get to come back for a lineout 40m from the Crusaders line.

10min: CRU 3-0 CHI

CRU THREE! After a bit of back and forth getting the scrum right, the Crusaders forward pack get a penalty as the Chiefs front row buckles. Mo'unga steps up with the tee, 35ish metres out to the left. Slots it as easy as you like. Early lead to the hosts.

6min: CRU 0-0 CHI

The wet weather showing itself here with the Crusaders looking to attack in the backline but the ball is dropped cold for a knock on. First scrum of the game coming up. Chiefs feed, 30m from their own line.

3min: CRU 0-0 CHI

Crusaders are working some early territory here and a nice kick from Mo'unga will pin the Chiefs inside their 22. Chiefs lineout coming up.


We're underway in Christchurch.


Jack Goodhue of the Crusaders makes an offload to teammate Braydon Ennor during their Super Rugby match against the Chiefs. Source: Photosport

The Crusaders and Chiefs are set to lock horns this afternoon in Christchurch and the hosts can expect plenty of action from a visiting side adding some much-needed firepower to their lineup.

The Chiefs are still winless after two matches so far in Super Rugby Aotearoa but welcome back captain Sam Cane for the first time in the revamped competition.

Cane missed the opening two games against the Highlanders and Chiefs with back troubles but leads a trio of injury returns this afternoon with lock Mitchell Brown also added to the starting line-up and fellow loosie Mitchell Karpik back on the bench.

For the Crusaders, they had serious injury news for their own captain to digest this week with Scott Barrett ruled out of the entire competition after suffering a "significant" toe injury in the team's internal game during their bye in the first round.

Coach Scott Robertson has named an unchanged line-up from the one that beat the Hurricanes last week in Wellington, meaning Codie Taylor will once again captain the side with Barrett out indefinitely.

Robertson told media this week that giving the same 23 an opportunity to play together again this week is a chance to build combinations quickly given the short 10-week competition.

"We know the nature of the competition, it is a sprint, it's short, sharp," Robertson said.

"It's really important to get off to a good start and that's what we've done with the team that played well last week and [we've] rewarded them."


CRU: 1. Joe Moody 2. Codie Taylor © 3. Michael Alaalatoa 4. Samuel Whitelock 5. Mitchell Dunshea 6. Cullen Grace 7. Billy Harmon 8. Whetukamokamo Douglas 9. Bryn Hall 10. Richie Mo’unga 11. George Bridge 12. Jack Goodhue 13. Braydon Ennor 14. Sevu Reece 15. Will Jordan

Reserves: 16. Brodie McAlister 17. George Bower 18. Oliver Jager 19. Luke Romano 20. Ethan Blackadder 21. Mitchell Drummond 22. David Havili (vc) 23. Leicester Faingaanuku

CHI: 1. Aidan Ross 2. Bradley Slater 3. Nepo Laulala 4. Mitchell Brown 5. Naitoa Ah Kuoi 6. Lachlan Boshier 7. Sam Cane © 8. Pita Gus Sowakula 9. Brad Weber 10. Aaron Cruden 11. Sean Wainui 12. Anton Lienert-Brown 13. Quinn Tupaea 14. Solomon Alaimalo 15. Damian McKenzie

Reserves: 16. Samisoni Taukei’aho 17. Reuben O’Neill 18. Ross Geldenhuys 19. Adam Thompson 20. Mitchell Karpik 21. Lisati Milo-Harris 22. Kaleb Trask 23. Tumua Manu