As it happened: Chiefs season over as Jaguares hold on for hard-fought win in seesawing quarter-final

Relive 1 NEWS Now's live updates of this morning's Super Rugby quarter-final between the Chiefs and Jaguares in Buenos Aires.

FT: JAG 21-16 CHI

The Jaguares hold on! The Buenos Aires crowd is chanting away and their boys have done them proud. Tough finish for the Chiefs but they lost momentum and could never get it back despite an impressive scrum - if only the same could be said of their lineouts. Jaguares move on to the semis and what a moment for them. That's all for our coverage. Enjoy your Saturday.

77min: JAG 21-16 CHI

Chiefs try to run the ball from inside their 22m and Alaimalo makes a break down the right wing but he gets isolated on halfway. Lienert-Brown tries to save the turnover but enters from the side and he's penalised. Jaguares kick for touch again to pin down the Chiefs. Jaguares throw in on the Chiefs' 22m.

76min: JAG 21-16 CHI

That clock-chewing plan is over before it begins. Knock on soon after the lineout and it's a Chiefs scrum 15m off their line.

75min: JAG 21-16 CHI

ANOTHER not straight throw by the Chiefs! Jaguares stay away from the scrum on offer and take their own line out and soon after earn a penalty for the Chiefs being offside. Jaguares could look at three but kick for touch. They'll try to chew up the clock.

72min: JAG 21-16 CHI

The Jaguares defence holds them out! Chiefs pick and go three times but lose the ball on the line! They clear and it's a lineout for the Chiefs on halfway. What a kick.

70min: JAG 21-16 CHI

Chiefs keep running at the Jaguares line for 17 phases but the hosts won't crack! Eventually, something has to give and it's a penalty for playing the ball. Chiefs decide to go to their dominant scrum to see if they can find the chink.

67min: JAG 21-16 CHI

Chiefs scrum gets it done again. After two resets the ref has enough and pings the Jaguares for collapsing it. Chiefs kick for touch and get a lineout just inside the Jaguares 22m. Massive moment here.

65min: JAG 21-16 CHI

Both teams are looking tired and handling errors are creeping in now. After the Jaguares lose the ball on halfway the Chiefs look the bring it back but with advantage gone, they lose the ball too. Jaguares can't get an advantage so it's a scrum just inside their half. Time is ticking away...

62min: JAG 21-16 CHI

It's all going to custard for the Chiefs. Jaguares clear from inside their 22m to give the Chiefs a lineout on halfway but the throw in is no where near straight. Jaguares don't want the scrum after losing two already so they take the lineout on halfway.

60min: JAG 21-16 CHI

JAG THREE! Chiefs have been penalised two more times and the ref asks for a chat with Cane about discipline. This latest penalty is too good to pass up and Bonilla slots the free three on offer. Lead extended to five. Is it enough heading into the final quarter?

57min: JAG 18-16 CHI

Jaguares on the attack yet again. Chiefs were penalised shortly after the kickoff for being offside and the Jaguares kick for touch. Their lineout on the Chiefs' 22m now.

54min: JAG 18-16 CHI

JAG THREE! Jaguares right back on the attack after they make a break down on the left wing with a big skip pass. run the ball all the way into the Chiefs 22m before it goes to ground. Jaguares recycle quickly and get it to the middle of the field before it goes to ground again. Chiefs get to it but they're penalised for killing the ball. Jaguares take the free three on offer this time to retake the lead.

53min: JAG 15-16 CHI

JAG TRY! And the Jaguares are right back in it! They go down the line to the right wing and come all the way back on the next phase with numbers before Moroni goes in untouched.

50min: JAG 8-16 CHI

Jaguares get their first attacking chance of the half after the Chiefs are penalised shortly after kickoff. There's three on offer but the Jaguares know they need tries and kick for touch. Jaguares lineout 15m from the Chiefs' line.

47min: JAG 8-16 CHI

CHI THREE! ANOTHER huge shove from the Chiefs pack sees the Jaguares scrum crumble and they get the penalty. Just straight out muscled them. Chiefs opt for the kicking tee again and this time it's Marty McKenzie slotting the points as Debreczeni has come off with a groin injury kicking the last penalty.

45min: JAG 8-13 CHI

There's a stoppage in play after some pushing and shoving and jersey-grabbing - that last bit has actually led to Sam Cane having a ripped jersey so they need to sort him out a new one. When we get going again, it'll be a Jaguares scrum just inside their half.

43min: JAG 8-13 CHI

CHI THREE! Chiefs look to build pressure off thelineout and it works fairly quickly as they earn a penalty when the Jaguares are called for being offside. Chiefs will take the three on offer once again and Debreczeni slots it.

41min: JAG 8-10 CHI

Chiefs with the first big attacking chance of the half already. The teams trade kicks off the kickoff before Alaimalo goes into contact near halfway. Jaguares have swarmed him but they're penalised for hands in the ruck. Chiefs kick for touch and get a lineout on the Jaguares 22m.

40min: JAG 8-10 CHI

Chiefs get us going again.

HT: JAG 8-10 CHI

Chiefs hold a slender lead. It could be more but their handling errors are really holding them back. In saying that, the Jaguares are bringing the challenge to them and will feel they should be heading to the sheds in the lead if he hadn't been for that late, weak scrum. Still everything to play for in the second half. We'll be back soon with it.

38min: JAG 8-10 CHI

Jaguares look destined to score after they turn over a lineout and make a break down the right wing. They run into the Chiefs' 22m but get isolated when they try to move the ball quickly. Refs whistle goes and it's for playing the ball on the ground. Big moment from the Chiefs with halftime on the horizon.

35min: JAG 8-10 CHI

CHI THREE! Chiefs forwards come up huge! They make the Jaguares scrum buckle on it's line and the hosts are penalised for standing up in the scrum. Chiefs don't muck around this and take the free three on offer and with it the lead.

33min: JAG 8-7 CHI

After 11 phases of hard hitting runs, the Chiefs are metres from the Jaguares line. Weber goes left to Sowakula and he looks to barge over but knocks the ball on in contact! ANOTHER handling error by the Chiefs! Jaguares scrum on their 5m line.

30min: JAG 8-7 CHI

Chiefs with another handling error gives the Jaguares a scrum 40m from the tryline but soon after they get it out they're penalised for not releasing the ball. Chiefs kick for touch and get a lineout on the Jaguares 22m.

27min: JAG 8-7 CHI

CHI TRY! Chiefs are a bit fortunate here but Weber makes the most of it. Ref plays a short advantage after another Retallick knock on and the Chiefs get the ball back and set up 40m out. Weber gives it to the forwards for two runs then sells the dumby-pass and bursts into the backfield from the base of the ruck. He's got Boshier in support, draws and passes to the flanker and he's in under the posts.

24min: JAG 8-0 CHI

The Jaguares defence shines. They turn the ball over on their line and clear. Chiefs look to run it back and they force a knock on in the ruck going for another turnover so they get a scrum 10m from halfway.

22min: JAG 8-0 CHI

Jaguares clear after the kick off but it doesn't go out and Alaimalo makes some big metres running it back. Gets over halfway before he's brought down. Jaguares defence isn't set and it costs them an offside penalty. It's kickable but the Chiefs want to get back into this contest and go for touch. It's their 5m lineout. Big moment coming up.

21min: JAG 8-0 CHI

JAG THREE! Chiefs get penalised for a high tackle from 40m out. Bonilla steps forward for the penalty to the right of the uprights and slots it.

18min: JAG 5-0 CHI

Jaguares kick for territory off the scrum and find touch with a ball bouncing over the line 10m inside Chiefs half. Chiefs win their lineout and look to build an attack in reply but a long, skipping pass to the left wing is ruled forward (it was). Jagaures scrum on halfway.

15min: JAG 5-0 CHI

Jaguares clear and give the Chiefs a lineout 10m from halfway. Chiefs look to maul from the lineout but Sam Cane gets caught and held up. The maul's going nowhere and the ref calls it. Big shove from the Jaugares pack their showing they can rough it with the Chiefs best. Hosts get the scrum just inside their half.

12min: JAG 5-0 CHI

Chiefs finally get the scrum settled and they work some magic from it. The wrap around puts Weber in space and he breaks into the backfield. Sees numbers to his left and tries a grubber to get it across to them but he overcooks it and it bounces into touch. Would've been perfect if weighted correctly. Jaguares lineout 15m from their line.

9min: JAG 5-0 CHI

It takes a couple of resets but the Chiefs get it away cleanly and kick for touch. Jaguares get the throw in 10m inside the Chiefs half but knock the ball on at the lineout so Chiefs get a scrum.

8min: JAG 5-0 CHI

Disaster averted for the Chiefs. They hold their line and force a handling error on the left wing. Chiefs scrum 5m from their own line.

6min: JAG 5-0 CHI

Jaguares in good attacking field position once again after the Chiefs are penalised. The visitors lose their lineout and then are caught offside. Jaguares kick for touch and it's now their lineout on the Chiefs' 22m.

5min: JAG 5-0 CHI

Jaguares make another short burst after the kickoff but an intercept goes awry. They get the ball back though near halfway after outmuscling the Chiefs at the breakdown but the Chiefs respond by driving the Jaguares into touch. Chiefs lineout, just inside Jaguares territory.

3min: JAG 5-0 CHI

JAG TRY! Horror start for the Chiefs as Retallick loses the ball shortly after the kickoff. Jaguares turn it over and two phases later from short runs down the left, they're in.


Jaguares get us underway.


All Blacks flanker Sam Cane is crediting the Chiefs' doubters for inspiring the side, having overcome an inauspicious start to the 2019 season and book their spot in this year's Super Rugby playoffs.

Having started the season with no wins from their opening four games, the Chiefs have rallied in the second part of the round robin stage of Super Rugby, reaching the finals with a thumping win over the Rebels in Melbourne.

That result earned the Chiefs a trip to face the South African conference-winning Jaguares in Buenos Aires this morning.

Co-captain Cane said that being written off so early by so many had only made the Chiefs hungrier to succeed.

"There's been numerous times throughout the year when it was like 'the Chiefs are out of it', or 'they're pretty much done', or 'they're a slim mathematical hope'," Cane told Reuters.

"When people are quick to put the boot in or pick things apart, it could go one of two ways. Our group actually got a wee bit tighter, and it's benefited us at the end.

"To bounce back the way we have, there is a certain level of pride.

"So (it's a) massive challenge, but one that the group's pretty excited about, we've been building momentum nicely the last couple of weeks."

The Chiefs are one of just two teams to have won in Buenos Aires this season, coming away with a thrilling 30-27 victory in March.

Should the Chiefs repeat that performance, Colin Cooper's side will take on the winner of the Brumbies and the Sharks for a spot in this year's Super Rugby final.


Chiefs huddle after their match against the Hurricanes. Source: Photosport

Jaguares: 1.Mayco Vivas, 2.Agustin Creevy, 3.Santiago Medrano, 4.Guido Petti, 5.Tomas Lavanini, 6.Pablo Matera, 7.Marcos Kremer, 8.Javier Ortega Desio, 9.Tomas Cubelli, 10.Joaquin diaz Bonilla, 11.Matias Moroni. 12.Jeronimo de la Fuente (captain), 13.Matias Orlando, 14.Sebastian Cancelliere, 15.Emiliano Boffelli.

Substitutes: 16.Julian Montoya, 17.Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro, 18.Enrique Pieretto, 19.Tomas Lezana, 20.Francisco Gorrissen, 21.Felipe Ezcurra, 22.Domingo Miotti, 23.Santiago Carreras.

Chiefs: 1.Atu Moli, 2.Nathan Harris, 3.Angus Ta'avao, 4.Brodie Retallick, 5.Tyler Ardron, 6.Lachlan Boshier, 7.Sam Cane (captain), 8.Pita Gus Sowakula, 9.Brad Weber, 10.Jack Debreczeni, 11.Sean Wainui, 12.Anton Lienert-Brown, 13.Tumua Manu, 14.Shaun Stevenson, 15.Solomon Alaimalo.

Substitutes: 16.Samisoni Taukei'aho, 17.Aidan Ross, 18.Nepo Laulala, 19.Jesse Parete, 20.Mitchell Jacobson, 21.Te Toiroa Tahuriorangi, 22.Marty McKenzie, 23.Alex Nankivell/Ataata Moeakiola.