As it happened: All Blacks claim convincing Bledisloe win over shell-shocked Wallabies

Relive 1 NEWS' live updates of this afternoon's Bledisloe Cup Test between the All Blacks and Wallabies at Coopers Catch Stadium in Auckland.

FT: NZL 27-7 AUS

A much better performance from the All Blacks this afternoon and the Eden Park crowd shows their appreciation for it. Superb first start from Clarke and equally good from Barrett at fullback. Back to the drawing board for Rennie as his men missed too many tackles and made too many handling errors this afternoon. For Foster though, some heat taken off with a resounding win in the Fortress.

That's all from us. Have a good evening.

78min: NZL 27-7 AUS

Wallabies can't get anything going here and eventually kick it into touch... on the full... outside their 22m. Tough, tough afternoon this.

75min: NZL 27-7 AUS

A rare handling error at the lineout from the All Blacks allows the Wallabies to make a run but as it has all second half, they can't seem to string anything together and make another knock on. All Blacks scrum on halfway.

73min: NZL 27-7 AUS

Hodgman earns the All Blacks another penalty at the scrum! All Blacks kick for touch and get a lineout 25m from the Aussie line.

72min: NZL 27-7 AUS

Wallabies look to the left wing and Koroibete once again to make something happen but a strong tackle by Perenara forces a knock on. Great technique from the smaller man. All Blacks scrum just inside their half.

70min: NZL 27-7 AUS

All Blacks move it to the left wing where would you believe it, McKenzie is playing and he makes a superb run. Gets the All Blacks inside the Wallabies' 22m. All Blacks look to recycle and go within 5m but the Wallabies are all over it and force the penalty. Wallabies survive this scare. Umaga-Jensen has been forced to come off with an HIA.

68min: NZL 27-7 AUS

Wallabies are bundled into touch and the ref whistles time off. Clarke's day is over and as he leaves the fielding, Eden Park gives him a standing ovation. What a performance from the youngster. When we get going again, it's an All Blacks lineout on halfway.

66min: NZL 27-7 AUS

Not a bad clearance from Mo'unga and the Wallabies will set up their attack with a lineout 25m from the NZ line.

65min: NZL 27-7 AUS

All Blacks give possession back with a territory-seeking kick and challenge the Wallabies to make the metres. They do so slowly but the drive runs out of steam and they kick for the touchline. Bounces into touch and it's a good. All Blacks 10m from their own line with this lineout.

63min: NZL 27-7 AUS

A rough second half continues for the Wallabies as they knock it on just outside the All Blacks' 22m. NZ scrum coming up with no advantage.

61min: NZL 27-7 AUS

Aussies get another 20m for free with a penalty. Lineout 10m inside the All Blacks' half.

59min: NZL 27-7 AUS

All Blacks show some more promise as Perenara makes a break down the left wing off the lineout. Kicks it ahead and Taylor gives chase but the hooker can't cleanly take the bounce. Wallabies scrum inside their 22m leads to clearance and soonafter the All Blacks commit another handling error. Wallabies with a second scrum, this time 10m from halfway.

57min: NZL 27-7 AUS

Australia make a nice break down the left wing with Koroibete after the kickoff and they're inside the All Blacks' 22m. It comes right and Perenara makes the tackle and the strip! White tries to stop Perenara but he's offside doing it and it's a penalty. When it rains, it pours! All Blacks lineout near halfway.

55min: NZL 27-7 AUS

NZL TRY! Salt in the wound as the All Blacks are in down the other end. All Blacks kick for territory and as the Wallabies look to run it back, they lose the ball and the All Blacks launch a counterattack. Ball is settled inside the Wallabies 22m, it comes left and Tuipulotu makes the break, he's got Cane in support and the Captain goes in! Brilliant All Blacks rugby on display again.

52min: NZL 20-7 AUS

AUS NO TRY! Wallabies try a maul off the lineout but it comes up short. They go to pick and goes. Paenga-Amosa goes for the line, he's short but tries to reach out and the ball is on the line. Ref goes upstairs and shows its a double movement! So All Blacks get the ball back.

50min: NZL 20-7 AUS

Wallabies in a good attacking position here after a break in the midfield. They go right and into the All Blacks' 22m. The tackler doesn't release the balland its a penalty. Aussies know threes aren't going to do it here so they kick for the corner and it's a Wallabies lineout 5m from the ABs' line.

47min: NZL 20-7 AUS

Caleb Clarke makes a run for the All Blacks. Source: Photosport

NZL TRY! CALEB CLARKE, TAKE A BOW! Wallabies with a wayward kick and Clarke takes it in in the middle of the field just outside his 22m and he's off to the races. Cuts through the first two, bumps off another two, goes to ground but isn't held so he's up again, finally taken down 15m short. Ball comes to the left with numbers as the Wallabies are out of position, it goes to Savea, he shakes off one and he's in! WHAT AN ALL BLACKS TRY!

44min: NZL 15-7 AUS

NZL TRY! All Blacks make good metres off the lineout as Clarke hits the ball up in the midfield. Ball comes left and its' Coles who makes the linebreak! He's brought down 15m short. The All Blacks hit the line again and again until the defence comes in. Ball goes wide with numbers to the right and J.Barrett is in untouched! Mo'unga's conversion afterwards hits the post.

41min: NZL 10-7 AUS

Aussies don't muck around off the kickoff and clear. All Blacks lineout 30m from the Aussie line.

40min: NZL 10-7 AUS

Mo'unga gets us going again.

HT: NZL 10-7 AUS

No action to finish the half this week and we head to the sheds with another tight contest. Wallabies had all the pressure early but the All Blacks have bounced back superbly here. Beauden Barrett has truly lived up the to status of second playmaker with his runs and kicking this afternoon and Clarke has made some strong runs of his own as well. Very high-tempo game here so we'll see how much is left in the tank in the second half.

Of note, Moody appears to be okay on the sidelines after being stretchered off but his day is definitely over. 

Stay with us, an exciting second half is on the way!

39min: NZL 10-7 AUS

One last chance here for the ABs after Hodgman gets the better of his opposite at the scrum and earns a penalty! All Blacks kick for touch and the lineout is near halfway.

38min: NZL 10-7 AUS

Aussies look to make a play to the left wing but Koroibete is stopped in his tracks by a thumping tackle by Lienert-Brown! Ball comes back right, then left again to Koroibete but he knocks it on. All Blacks scrum just inside their 22m.

36min: NZL 10-7 AUS

All Blacks' greed costs them. The lineout is over thrown, they manage to get it back but the play is lost and soon after they get isolated and it's a penalty for not releasing. Aussies get out of jail free with a lineout 10m from halfway.

35min: NZL 10-7 AUS

All Blacks with another penalty off another maul. They sense momentum here and forego the three points on offer for a kick for the corner. All Blacks lineout 10m from the Aussie line.

33min: NZL 10-7 AUS

All Blacks back in attacking position. Aussies clear straight off the kickoff to give the All Blacks a lineout on halfway. All Blacks set a maul off it and earn a penalty with the maul as a Wallaby comes in from the side. Mo'unga kicks for touch and All Blacks with a new lineout, 30m from the Aussie line.

31min: NZL 10-7 AUS

Unfortunate scenes. It turns out the defender Hanigan beat was Moody after the prop was knocked out cold with his head colliding with the loosie's hip. He's stayed down for a long time here and they're calling for the stretcher. That means Alex Hodgman gets his debut too. Congratulations to him but speedy recovery to Moody. Good to see he's finally sitting up here but no doubt his day is over.

30min: NZL 10-7 AUS

AUS TRY! Another inspired run by Clarke gets the All Blacks to halfway before they kick. Wallabies bring the ball back but metres are slow to start. Ball goes wide to Daugunu who goes down near the All Blacks' 22m. Out of nowhere, Hanigan makes the linebreak after shaking off two defenders. He gets the ball to Hooper and B.Barrett stops him 10m short. Ball goes left. They have numbers and Koroibete is in.

25min: NZL 10-0 AUS

Wallabies get the ball back shortly after a kick off with an All Blacks handling error but after the advantage is over, commit their own. All Blacks scrum 5m outside their 22m.

24min: NZL 10-0 AUS

NZL TRY! All Blacks run it off the scrum. Two darts later and Smith is in! All Blacks up by 10 on Mo'unga's boot and after a strong run, Umaga-Jensen is back off with Lienert-Brown's blood bin sorted.

21min: NZL 3-0 AUS

The All Blacks are right back on attack! There's a linebreak by Umaga-Jensen and he links up with Coles. Coles on his own in the backfield finally taken down on halfway. Ball goes to the right to B.Barrett who kicks ahead and his brother chases! Koroibete is chasing it down but it bounces up before the Wallabies line and he has to take it. J.Barrett with the tackle that takes him into his in-goal and it's an All Blacks scrum on the Aussie 5m!

19min: NZL 3-0 AUS

NZL THREE! Mo'unga slots it and the All Blacks have a lead. Of note, Anton Lienert-Brown has come off with a blood bin situation so Peter Umaga-Jensen gets his debut. Congrats to the Wellington midfielder.

17min: NZL 0-0 AUS

B.BARRETT WITH ANOTHER SUPERB RUN! Turn back the clock to 2015 and 2016 with this one. Breaks multiple tackles before finally going down 30m out. The ball is quickly given to Clarke and BOOMFA, he bumps off the first, shakes off another two and finally gets taken down on the Aussie 22m. Wallabies give up an advantage, All Blacks try a move to the left but there's a knock on. We come back and it looks like Mo'unga's grabbing the tee for an easy three points  22m out slightly to the left.

15min: NZL 0-0 AUS

All Blacks with their first real attack of the game! B.Barrett ignites it with a break on the right wing off the scrum and gets the All Blacks to halfway. From there, it almost looks like a Sevens game with plenty of offloads and quick runs giving them extra yards. They get inside the Wallabies 22m but knock it on! Wallabies clear and the All Blacks will start again with a lineout on the Wallabies' 10m.

11min: NZL 0-0 AUS

Wallabies bring the ball to the midfield and get inside the 22m. They move it right but there's a knock on. All Blacks defence holds again and it'll be a scrum 15m from their line. Of note, once again the Aussies are dominating territory early on. AUS with 77% territory so far.

9min: NZL 0-0 AUS

All Blacks clear with a Smith boxkick but soon get it back through a Lienert-Brown turnover! They break into the midfield and go down on halfway. The ball comes left but there's plenty of Wallabies jerseys and they converge on the ruck. Moody doesn't release the ball and it's a penalty! Aussies kick for touch and get a lineout on the ABs' 22m.

7min: NZL 0-0 AUS

Wallabies build nicely into the All Blacks' 22m. Tupou makes the linebreak and Barrett makes the stop metres from the NZ line. Aus goes for the quick pick and go but it backfires as Savea gets over the ball and gets the penalty! Not releasing. Great stuff from the loosie. Mo'unga clears and it's an All Blacks lineout on their 22m.

5min: NZL 0-0 AUS

And the Wallabies pack draws first blood at scrum time. NZ scrum buckles and the arm goes up. O'Connor kicks for touch and the Wallabies get a lineout 30m from the NZ line.

4min: NZL 0-0 AUS

All Blacks cough it up off the scrum. Odd backline move sees Goodhue fire a pass to no one. Clarke tries to recover but knocks it on. Aussie scrum just inside their own half.

3min: NZL 0-0 AUS

Wallabies lose the ball and there's our first scuffle of the match! Dane Coles in the thick of it with Taniela Tupou after the Tongan Thor knocked the ball on. Nothing comes of it and it's an All Blacks scrum on halfway.

1min: NZL 0-0 AUS

No mucking around to start. All Blacks take the deep kick off, set up inside the 22m and clear with Smith. Wallabies lineout on the All Blacks' 10m.

4:00pm: KICKOFF

Australia get us going and we're underway in Auckland!

3:55pm: PRE-MATCH

It's a packed-out Coopers Catch Stadium and plenty of them join SIX60's Matiu Walters singing God Defend New Zealand. No music, just voices. Sends chills down your spine! And if that doesn't fire the All Blacks up, TJ Perenara leads Kapa o Pango for the haka.


Beautiful, sunny day in Auckland with a light northwesterly inside the fortress. Great conditions for plenty of action!

3:30pm: PREVIEW

Source: 1 NEWS

With the All Blacks under pressure in the Bledisloe Cup series after a drawn first Test in Wellington, Sam Cane gave away very little in the lead-up to today's second Test at Coopers Catch Stadium [Eden Park] in Auckland.

With two Tests to follow in Australia, the All Blacks are staring at a potential loss of the Bledisloe Cup for the first time in 17 years.

In what is now effectively a three-Test series the pressure is firmly on the home side to win this afternoon.

Luckily for New Zealand they are playing at their favourite ground, where they have been unbeaten for 26 years and where they have not lost to Australia since 1986.

Not that you would know it from Cane's assessment.

"When it comes to the ground it's just the same size field as everywhere - there's no trade secrets to it," Cane said.

"At the end of the day it's just another field with a pretty awesome stadium around it, but yeah it's good to be here."

Cane could be forgiven for being on guard after his former coach Graham Henry lobbed a grenade in to the camp by suggesting New Zealand Rugby had erred in not securing the services of Dave Rennie, who has made an immediate impact with the Wallabies.

"We stuffed up quite frankly because he is a quality person and a quality coach and you've seen it straight away with the Wallabies," Henry told an audience at the Wairarapa Bush Sports Awards on Friday night.

"Dave Rennie is a fabulous coach, no doubt. New Zealand Rugby cocked that up."

The drawn first Test did not lessen debate in New Zealand over whether long-serving assistant Ian Foster is the right man for the head coach role and Henry's comments will only focus the spotlight on the new coach.

Cane acknowledged there was "lots of pressure on, but there was lots on last week too".

He said the All Blacks had learned from last week's 16-16 draw.

"I wouldn't say we're more confident, but we've got another week of preparation under our belt," he said.

"We know where we stand after last week and we know where we need to better.

"We've had clear focus on areas we need to improve on so hopefully we'll see that out there [this afternoon].

"We can make some real shifts in our carry and clean-out work. We can get off the line a bit quicker and belt them there too.

"That's Test match footy in a nutshell - physicality and intensity, and that's where we have to deliver."

The All Blacks had another injury setback on the eve of the Test, with flyer Rieko Ioane ruled out with a hamstring strain.

Ioane was dropped to the bench after a poor performance in the first Test but now won't get a chance to atone for his botched try-scoring effort just before halftime in Wellington.

Wellington's Peter Umaga-Jensen will come on to the bench as cover.


All Blacks: 1. Joe Moody, 2. Dane Coles, 3. Ofa Tuungafasi, 4. Patrick Tuipulotu, 5. Tupou Vaa’i, 6. Shannon Frizell, 7. Sam Cane - captain, 8. Ardie Savea, 9. Aaron Smith, 10. Richie Mo’unga, 11. Caleb Clarke, 12. Jack Goodhue, 13. Anton Lienert-Brown, 14. Jordie Barrett, 15. Beauden Barrett

Bench: 16. Codie Taylor, 17. Alex Hodgman*, 18. Nepo Laulala, 19. Scott Barrett, 20. Hoskins Sotutu, 21. TJ Perenara, 22. Peter Umaga-Jensen*, 23.  Damian McKenzie

Wallabies: 1. James Slipper, 2. Brandon Paenga-Amosa, 3. Taniela Tupou, 4. Lukhan Salakaia-Loto, 5. Matt Philip, 6. Ned Hanigan, 7. Michael Hooper (c), 8. Harry Wilson, 9. Nic White, 10. James O'Connor, 11. Marika Koroibete, 12. Matt To'omua, 13. Hunter Paisami, 14. Filipo Daugunu, 15. Tom Banks

Bench: 16. Jordan Uelese, 17. Scott Sio, 18. Allan Alaalatoa, 19. Rob Simmons, 20. Liam Wright, 21. Jake Gordon, 22. Jordan Petaia, 23. Reece Hodge.