'I enjoyed playing under him more' - Former Wales winger Shane Williams picks Gatland over Hansen

Former Wales winger Shane Williams has compared the coaching styles of Warren Gatland and All Blacks boss Steve Hansen, having played under both in his international career.

Williams, 40, was a key player for Wales during his international career, playing 87 Tests and scoring 58 tries.

The winger was a star for both coaches, with Hansen in charge of Wales from 2002 to 2004, while Gatland has been at the helm since 2007, winning a Six Nations title and reaching the 2011 World Cup semi-final.

Speaking to Wales Online, Williams made it clear that he prefers the methods of Gatland to the current All Blacks coach Hansen.

"I played my best rugby for Wales under Warren Gatland and I think the side we had in 2008 was a heck of a team," he said.

The All Blacks will meet Gatland's Wales side next week. Source: 1 NEWS

"Gats gave me a license to roam the field, have as many touches as possible and just try to influence proceedings as much as I could.

"In that sense, I enjoyed playing under him more."

However, Williams credited Hansen for helping him start his international career, teaching him how to meet the demands and standards of Test match rugby.

"I learned a lot more about myself under Steve Hansen. He sobered me up quickly in a metaphorical sense, making me realise what Test rugby involved.

"Basically, if I didn't improve my fitness and make certain improvements to my game, I wouldn't play. A heart-to-heart with him was like having cold water splashed in your face."

Both of Williams' former coaches will come head to head this weekend, when the All Blacks meet Wales in Cardiff on their Northern tour finale.

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