Eddie Jones proposes law changes to allow for 'higher quality rugby'

England coach Eddie Jones is proposing changing rugby's laws to allow for faster, more exciting gameplay.

England head coach Eddie Jones. Source: Associated Press

Appearing on Sky's the Breakdown last night, Rugby World Cup runner up coach Jones made his case for altering the game's current laws, wanting to do away with scrum resets, and reducing the number of reserves allowed.

"We need higher quality rugby," Jones said.

"The game has gradually moved along a track and hasn't been looked at carefully enough. Now we've got this game that's almost like NFL.

Jones' proposal of removing scrum resets in particular would be a dramatic alteration to the current state of the game, with minutes often wasted as forward packs across the globe continually attempt to engage correctly.

The Australian born coach is instead proposing a free kick.

"I need to think this one through a bit, we need to go to a differential penalty where you can't kick for goal and you've got to take a quick tap or kick to the line.

"We've got to try and get some more movement in the game."

A reduction in substitutes would be another radical change for rugby, exposing players to fatigue later on in games and allowing attacks to exploit any opposition tiredness.

Jones wants to see the number of players reduced from 23 to 21, removing two from the bench.

"I'd only have six reserves and I reckon that'd make a hell of a difference.

"Then you'd have the front-rowers, you'd have one backrower that'd have to cover the back five, one halfback and then one back that covers the rest."