Eddie Jones lashes Scotland fans, claims assistant hit by plastic beer bottle

England coach Eddie Jones has hit out at Scottish rugby fans, following the behaviour of some spectators during his side's 13-6 victory at Murrayfield this morning.

Eddie Jones. Source: Associated Press

As England weathered both a literal and metaphorical storm to claim a 13-6 victory in the Six Nations, Jones claims that assistant Neil Craig was targeted, hit in the head by an empty plastic beer bottle.

"We weren't expecting beer bottles to be thrown at us," Jones said afterwards.

"So that is a pretty good trick. It is a pretty good achievement isn't it, throwing beer bottles? You have to be pretty brave to throw a beer bottle."

Jones also lamented Scottish fans jeering as captain Owen Farrell attempted conversions, with European custom usually dictating that fans stay silent in respect for opposition kickers.

"It is not good behaviour is it? Rugby did have a culture of being respectful and respect for the kicker - having silence when the kicker kicked," he added.

"So if we don't want to have that, [if] there is a new level of respect in Scotland we have got to put up with it. That is how the Scottish fans are going to be respectful so we have to acknowledge it and just get on with it."