'Don't be shy' - cheeky Steven Hansen has media chuckling after challenging reporter, telling him to answer own question

Steve Hansen has had some fun with an English reporter during this morning's press conference, getting the writer to answer his own "pretty obvious" question.

The All Blacks coach was questioned on what differences he sees in the styles of play between his side and England ahead of their Test at Twickenham on Sunday morning.

But instead of delivering an answer straight away, Hansen issued a challenge instead.

"I think that's pretty obvious, isn't it?" Hansen asked.

"How would you describe it and I'll see if you're on the money."

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The reporter seemed shock at the response, stating immediately, "I'm not an international rugby coach" to which Hansen had another response prepared.

"Yes, but you are an international rugby writer so you'll have an opinion. Tell me what you think. Don't be shy, come on."

The taunting got a laugh from the attending media and an answer from the reporter.

"Maybe you're more open, how about that?"

Hansen agreed, finally giving his own answer to the question in a bit more detail.

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"I think southern hemisphere rugby, there's a lot of talk about the Super competition - it's free flowing, a lot of tries scored.

"Up in this part of the world, maybe because the weather's different, there's a necessity to play a tighter game and does that make the game up here better in same areas? Maybe. In other areas it may create a weakness, I'm not bagging it, it's just the way it is.

"England, France, Scotland, Ireland - they all play to their own strength and your environment creates that strength.

"We're lucky that we've got natural athletes who want to carry the ball and pass the ball and have terrific instincts to be able to play what's in front of them."

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The reporter wanted to know differences in style between the ABs and England - something Hansen thought was obvious. Source: 1 NEWS

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