Dane Coles caught off-guard by 1 NEWS reporter with another potential issue in Australia

Dane Coles has been given a friendly reminder potentially missing Christmas isn't the only thing he and the All Blacks need to worry about with this year's Rugby Championship - and this new issue is an unavoidable one.

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Kimberlee Downs put the veteran out with her question but he responded in classic Colesy fashion. Source: 1 NEWS

During a media conference today, 1 NEWS reporter Kimberlee Downs asked Coles if the team had thought about the prospect of playing rugby in the middle of an Australian summer.

"Oh, I didn't think of that actually, s***," Coles said as the gathered journalists began to laugh.

"Rolling subs will be nice... that's a good point actually. Couple more water breaks, they'll have plans in place."

Coles said the heat will probably be countered by the fact the All Blacks plan to take a large squad to Australia, allowing more players to rest from certain matches.

"We're over there for a bit so hopefully we can aclimitise," Coles added.

And if they can't?

"Suck in a few big ones and wave Pete over for a bottle of water!"

The average temperature of summer's day in New South Wales, where the competition is being hosted mostly, is 24 degrees.