Dan Carter's 'Super Nana' weighs in on grandson's shock return - 'I never wanted him to play for the Blues'

News of Dan Carter's shock return to Super Rugby with the Blues caught many Crusaders fans off guard this morning - including his 90-year-old grandmother, Pam.

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Pam Carter said she found out about the news on TV this morning and soonafter called the All Blacks great. Source: 1 NEWS

Ms Carter, 90, told 1 NEWS today she heard about her grandson's shock decision on the news this morning and decided she wanted to hear it from the man himself.

"I called him," Ms Carter told 1 NEWS.

"His father rang me and kept me informed so I thought, 'I must ring Dan,' so I did. He was pleased that I rang.

"He said he was helping [coach] Leon MacDonald. He didn't say much about playing but he said, 'I've got get my fitness back up.'"

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The ex-All Black today trained with the Blues for the first time. Source: 1 NEWS

Ms Carter, known as Super Nana in the Carter family, was infamously mentioned in her grandson's 2015 biography about begging him not to leave the Crusaders for the Blues in 2009.

Carter said in the book it made a difference.

"After the leak my nana called me. She was very upset, and begging me not to play for Auckland. They're a pretty parochial bunch down there, and she got me thinking about all the thousands of Canterbury people I'd be disappointing by leaving.

"That, probably more than anything else, led to me re-signing."

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The All Blacks great said Pam Carter has been telling him to hang up the boots for a decade. Source: 1 NEWS

When asked if she could remember that call, Ms Carter was hazy but says she "probably did".

"I never wanted him to play for the Blues but times change."

Ms Carter said even though she's a diehard Crusaders fan, she's happy to see the All Blacks great with the Blues as it means he's with his young family.

"I've had many talks with him and told him to come home, be with his family - that's where he belongs.

"He told me he had to play somewhere so when I heard he was playing for the Blues I thought, 'Oh, that's good. You're going to Auckland where you can be home with your wife and family.'"

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After over 140 games for the Crusaders, the ex-All Black has signed for the Blues. Source: 1 NEWS

Ms Carter added she had missed seeing him play so she was excited to see him back on the field, regardless of what jersey he was in.

But one big question remains - who will Super Nana support when the Crusaders and Blues clash on July 11.

"Oh, well... probably the Blues," Ms Carter said.

"We're such a Crusaders family but he's done the right thing by going to the Blues - that's where he belongs."