Crusaders hygiene vigilant in midst of measles outbreak as clash with Highlanders looms

Crusaders coach Scott Robertson has addressed the Canterbury measles outbreak ahead of his team's clash with the Highlanders on Saturday.

Robertson says hygiene is important around the team, who greet each other with "fist pumps" rather than handshakes to minimise spreading illness between the players.

When asked about the measles outbreak the coach admitted it was an "interesting subject".

"I didn't expect to be mentioning measles as a Super Rugby coach," Robertson said.

The topic of immunisation would be brought up at the next team debrief according to the coach.

His comments come as the number of measles cases in Canterbury sits at 28 and continues to grow, with two cases also confirmed in Auckland yesterday.

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Hygiene is important at the club right now as measles continues to spread in the Canterbury region. Source: 1 NEWS