Crusaders coach Scott Robertson links up with NRL legend Steve 'Beaver' Menzies

Crusaders coach Scott Robertson has linked up with Manly Sea Eagles legend Steve ‘The Beaver’ Menzies, sharing their knowledge about creating a winning culture.

Both Robertson and Menzies hit the surf at Sumner Beach in Christchurch yesterday.

"Sumner Beach is a great place to relax and when there's good surf like this and you've got Beaver Menzies, one of my childhood heroes here, its pretty special," said Robertson.

"This is where I clear the head [beach] and make some big decisions and it’s pretty special to come down here as much as I can on a nice night."

The NRL Hall of Famer is in town promoting the Warriors and Manly match next month and took time out yesterday to pick Robertson's brain about his Crusaders side.

"He has his own intricies, does things his own way, but the baseline is the winning culture and one thing I know, I know he can dance," said Menzies.

The Crusaders begin their Super Rugby campaign against the Blues on Saturday night at Eden Park in Auckland.

The pair hit the surf in Christchurch and shared their knowledge of coaching with one another. Source: 1 NEWS

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