Chiefs investigate claims from guests at team's Christchurch hotel about drunken antics

The Chiefs are once again in hot water about their off-field behaviour after allegations of drunken antics at a Christchurch hotel following their defeat in the Super Rugby Aotearoa final.

Lachlan Boshier has a word with the touch judge James Doleman during the Super Rugby Aotearoa Final. Source: Getty

After the Crusaders lifted the trophy for a fifth-straight year with a 24-13 win over the Waikato men, the Chiefs retired to the Novotel Hotel in Cathedral Square where Stuff reports they drowned their sorrows at an event for team, staff and their families.

However, Stuff reports the event on Saturday evening led to complaints from other guests at the hotel, with one saying they were kept up until 4:30am by the intoxicated group who were “all over the floor” in the corridors.

At least four complaints from different rooms were made to staff who claim they had to clean up broken bottles and vomit both inside and outside the building.

Club management said they were “confident” their people weren’t involved in the situation but Chiefs CEO Michael Collins added in a statement the matter would be looked into.

“The Gallagher Chiefs held a private function following the Super Rugby Aotearoa final with board, staff, players and families at the hotel the team were staying at,” Collins said.

“Stuff have informed us of several allegations involving our people. We have since inquired about these allegations and are confident our people were not involved.

“However, we are taking this extremely seriously and will continue to look into it.”

The Chiefs’ culture has come under scrutiny before after the team booked a stripper five years ago to perform at their team’s end-of-season celebrations where she was allegedly touched inappropriately.