Chiefs cult hero Stephen Donald explains his disastrous but show-stealing haircut - 'I'm a Peaky Blinder!'

Stephen Donald has warned people “to be careful what you ask for at the barber” after his new do stole the show as his Chiefs went down to the Highlanders in the Super Rugby opener last night.

The man affectionally known as Beaver only joined the squad on Monday after the Chiefs were struck down by an injury crisis but his performance off the bench was not the talk from the match at Hamilton Stadium

“Yeah, I got a recommendation about the barber to go into and unfortunately now it looks like I’m a Peaky Blinder, the boys have quite enjoyed that when I unveiled it today,” he told media after the match.

“I actually went in there trying to look a little younger and lessen the greys, but I came out looking like, as I say, a member of the Peaky Blinders, which I’m not sure if that’s the look I’m going for.”

“I was just trying to keep up with the young kids these days, got to be careful what you ask for at the barber.”

On a more serious note, Donald said he was delighted to be back after his out-of-the-blue call up.

“Very unexpected, bit stiff, only coming in on Monday not ideal preparation for a Super season,” he said.

“Great to be back here, obviously hell of a shock to the system considering where my headspace was two weeks ago, it certainly wasn’t about round one.”

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    ‘Beaver’ warned people to be careful what they ask for at the barber after coming away with an eye-catching fade. Source: 1 NEWS

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