Breakfast crew wonder if Israel Folau’s anti-gay outburst a ploy to get the sack from Australian rugby

Israel Folau's recent actions have led to the Wallabies star potentially losing his contract with Rugby Australia - a repercussion that Breakfast's hosts agreed today is fair but left them wondering if that's what he wanted.

Folau made headlines yesterday after he once again condemned groups of people, including homosexuals, to hell unless they repent - something that landed him in hot water almost a year ago and led to agreements made between him and Rugby Australia.

With those agreements seemingly broken, Rugby Australia boss Raelene Castles revealed last night the organisation intends to terminate his contract unless he can explain his actions.

Breakfast weatherman Matty McLean says Castles is taking the right approach.

"A year ago when he made these comments, they were incredibly upsetting," McLean, who is gay, said.

"But at the time I didn't necessarily think he should've lost his job. But now we're a year on, they've made it very clear that there's a very specific code of conduct that as an employee he has to abide by and he hasn't done that.

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    The Breakfast presenter is calling "bull" on Folau's use of freedom of speech. Source: Breakfast

    "He knows exactly what the consequences might have been if he did this again and he's done it again.

    "It's like if anyone breaks the rules at work, we can expect repercussions and this is one of the repercussions of him doing this."

    Since making the posts, Folau has gone off the radar. He's made no further social media posts and Rugby Australia's attempts to contact him or his agent have failed.

    The actions, both the posts and his silence afterwards, have host Jack Tame wondering if Folau wanted an exit from his contract anyway.

    "There's something about that [silence] that seems a bit off to me," Tame said.

    "It seems to me that his behaviour is almost like a resignation of sorts - even in a World Cup year, he might've wanted to get out of this. Go to France."

    Folau would likely have to move overseas to continue his career, with the NRL also ruling out any return for him after Rugby Australia's statement last night.

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      Matty McLean says Folau has to face repercussions like anyone else but Jack Tame wonders if he did it on purpose. Source: Breakfast

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