Black Ferns Sevens create history, win back-to-back World Cup titles

Relive 1 NEWS NOW's live coverage of day two of the Rugby World Cup Sevens at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

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The Black Ferns have their hands on the trophy, a large number of the crowd have stayed behind to celebrate with the Kiwis. That'll be all from us today.

Be sure to join us again tomorrow, as the men's final will be decided. New Zealand face Fiji, while South Africa and England will go head to head for a spot in the final.

3:17pm: NZ 29 France 0

TRY!!! We're into the final minute, and France have knoced the ball on. NZ feed the scrum, and the ball moves to Blyde who breaks through again! A hat-trick in the final for Michaela Blyde!

The conversion is good, and that's fulltime. The Black Ferns sevens are champions of the world once again!

3:15pm: NZ 22 France 0

TRY!!! Portia Woodman comes up with a blistering run down the left! She's tackled short of the line, but NZ move the ball! Blyde gets the ball and goes straight through two defenders to score her second of the match!

Nathan-Wong converts this time.

3:13pm: NZ 15 France 0

A break in play now as Coralie Bertrand stays down injured. France have the restart, but time is running out for them.

3:10pm: NZ 15 France 0

France break, but Ruby Tui forces a turnover and NZ can break! France win a penalty though as Broughton doesn't release.

3:08pm: NZ 15 France 0

Nathan-Wong gets the second half underway! NZ just seven minutes from history.

3:06pm: NZ 15 France 0

TRY!!! France give away a penalty for not allowing the play-the-ball on Blyde. Nathan-Wong takes it quickly, and races over to score in the corner!

Brilliant awareness from Nathan-Wong! She can't convert her own try, that's halftime too.

3:04pm: NZ 10 France 0

TRY!!! Portia Woodman scores! The most dangerous sight in rugby - Woodman unmarked wide on the right. She gets the ball in space, before holding off the first defender, and beating the second to score!

Nathan-Wong can't add the conversions though.

3:02pm: NZ 5 France 0

France on attack now, but NZ win a penalty and look to run the ball out of their own half. Nathan-Wong is clobbered in the tackle as France look to use a rush defence.

Sarah Goss breaks through with the space open at the back! She's tackled, but finds Portia Woodman. France get back and defend well.

2:59pm: NZ 5 France 0

TRY!!! A brilliant run up the middle from Niall Williams puts Michaela Blyde through! The French don't get back to hold her after the tackle, and NZ open the scoring! Tyla Nathan-Wong can't get the conversion though.

2:57pm: KICKOFF - NZ 0 France 0

We're away! France get the final started and NZ look to run the ball straight away.


We'll have the national anthems before kick-off. God Defend New Zealand is up first, followed by La Marseillaise.


Australia claim the bronze, they beat the USA 24-14. Next up, the women's final, where the Black Ferns look to become the first team in history to seal back-to-back World Cups.


The bronze medal match is about to kick off. Hosts USA face the Australians.


Spain and Ireland are locked at 7-7 for the entire second half. Spain have a scrum on the five-metre line as the last play. They go wide and they've scored in the corner! Spain will finish fifth.

Final score 12-7 to Spain.


Ireland and Spain play off for fifth and sixth respectively.


Canada take seventh place, despite a final play consolation try to Russia. Final score 22-10 to Canada.


Russia and Canada will now face off for seventh and eighth place in the women's Championship.


England take the Challenge final with a convincing 31-5 win over Japan.


Now time for the Challenge final in the women's draw. England face Japan.


Fiji blow China off the park in the women's 11th/12th play-off, coming away winners 38-0.


Playing for 11th and 12th, are Fiji and China.


Brazil take the win, and 13th place. They come away with a dominant 22-0 victory over South Africa.


South Africa and Brazil play now in the match for 13th/14th.


PNG have steamrolled Mexico, winning 32-0.


Back to the women's draw now, and Mexico face Papua New Guinea.


England have broken the USA's hearts, coming up with a brilliant crossfield kick to see them runaway and score. They advance as 24-19 winners.


The USA have come back from 19-7 down, levelling scores at 19-all in the final minute. England looking for the winner here. No one can get the winner though - this quarter-final is going to extra time!


The USA and England will now face off in the last of the quarter-finals, the winner will face South Africa.

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