Auckland win Mitre 10 Cup Premiership after dramatic final against Canterbury

Relive 1 NEWS NOW's live coverage of the Mitre 10 Cup Premiership final between Auckland and Canterbury at Eden Park.

6:13pm: FULLTIME: Auckland 40 Canterbury 33

Two minutes to go. If things were to finish level, Auckland win on tries scored.

Canterbury have a scrum in their own half. Ennor hits the line hard. Less than 60 seconds on the clock. Bridge runs as Canterbury cross halfway. Olmstead turns the ball over though!

The siren goes, Auckland just need to clear it - they do and AUCKLAND WIN THE MITRE 10 CUP PREMIERSHIP!!!

6:09pm: 97 mins - Auckland 40 Canterbury 33

Olmstead wins a penalty for Auckland and Plummer will have another shot at goal, this could seal the win for Auckland!

He lines up the kick - from a long way out - but relatively in front. Plummer kicks but he's pulled it to the left!

6:06pm: 93 mins - Auckland 40 Canterbury 33

Auckland again trying to burrow forward, but Canterbury hold firm. Nanai breaks down the right wing, and he finds Fukofuka inside him!

The halfback races through and scores! Auckland hit the front for the first time today!

Plummer with the kick from in front, and he's got it - can Auckland hold on?

6:02pm: 91 mins - Auckland 33 Canterbury 33

The final 10 minutes of the season are underway, Auckland kick to Canterbury.

6:00pm: End of first half of extra time - Auckland 33 Canterbury 33

TRY!!! Canterbury give away a penalty for not rolling away, and Auckland will take the lineout option. Plummer finds the corner, Auckland take the lineout and look to drive.

The siren for the first half of extra time. Auckland on the 5m line. Ioane charges but falls short. They're over though! Feagai the hero.

Plummer with the kick from in front, and he's got it. We're all square again, and there'll be another 10 minutes.

5:54pm: 86 mins - Auckland 26 Canterbury 33

TRY!!! Canterbury strike first in extra time! The forwards lay a solid platform, before Tom Saners picks and goes, crashing over the line to score.

Cameron with the kick, and he's got it perfectly!

5:52pm: 84 mins - Auckland 26 Canterbury 26

Melani Nanai gives away a penalty, and Canterbury want the points. Cameron can't hit it though.

Canterbury are down to 14. Both hookers are off injured, so we'll have uncontested scrums. Madness.

5:48pm: 81 mins - Auckland 26 Canterbury 26

Right then, we're away in extra time as Canterbury kick to Auckland.

5:44pm: End of normal time - Auckland 26 Canterbury 26

Auckland surge forward once again. Will they go for the drop goal? They reach the 22m line and keep the ball - 17 phases. Faiane with a dart down the left, but Canterbury hold on. 

They're at the 5m line, 24 phases in. Into the final minute, Ioane has a go but is tackled, Plummer runs but is tackled, no drop goal any time soon them, 31 phases. The siren goes and it's been knocked on! 

That's the end of fulltime! Extra time needed.

5:39pm: 74 mins - Auckland 26 Canterbury 26

Auckland with all the momentum right now as the crowd start to chant. Canterbury win a penalty, Enari the hero.

5:38pm: 73 mins - Auckland 26 Canterbury 26

TRY!!! Auckland scrum. Fukofuka feeds, Ioane runs the ball off the back and surges towards the posts! Is he over? Referee says held up, Auckland plead for him to take a look, saying the ball was on the line.

Another scrum. Ioane goes off the back again, Canterbury scrambling but the backline is called for offside. Yet another scrum called for.

This time they go wide from the back of the scrum, and Caleb Clarke goes over to score in the corner! Great fightback from Auckland!

HUGE kick now for Plummer - and he's nailed it! All square!!!

5:32pm: 70 mins - Auckland 19 Canterbury 26

Auckland win a penalty inside the Canterbury half, and Plummer finds the corner. Huge lineout coming up. 

Auckland win it and drive. Ioane has the ball at the back of the maul. They look to run as Faiane has a go. Auckland so close. Referee has the arm out, they go blind but Caleb Clarke can't hang on!

They go back for the scrum though.

5:27pm: 64 mins - Auckland 19 Canterbury 26

TRY!!! Auckland string 10 phases together driving towards the Canterbury line. The visitors' defence is solid though. Auckland 5m out. 

Ioane drives at the line. Ruru goes blind but is tackled. Auckland go wide, Trainor cuts back in, ruins George Bridge, and slides in to score! 

Big kick for Plummer, and he's got it! Auckland now down by just seven.

5:20pm: 58 mins - Auckland 12 Canterbury 26

Penalty! Trainor gives away a penalty for not releasing and Canterbury will have another shot at goal. Cameron is again on target, Canterbury extend their lead again.

5:15pm: 52 mins - Auckland 12 Canterbury 23

Penalty! Auckland give away a penalty and Cameron points to the posts. He makes no mistake and Canterbury's lead is now 11.

5:12pm: 50 mins - Auckland 12 Canterbury 20

TRY!!! What a play from Auckland! A huge effort from the Auckland front row sees Akira Ioane take a quick tap from the penalty.

He catches Canterbury off guard to dive in for a try. Plummer lines up the kick, but he pushes it wide again!

5:10pm: 48 mins - Auckland 7 Canterbury 20

Auckland take another scrum, Canterbury happy to run the clock down. Ruru feeds, before Canterbury give away a penalty for offside against Luke Whitelock. 

Yet another scrum for Auckland. Ruru feeds again, Ioane takes it off the back and finds Ruru again, but he loses it forward! Canterbury survive.

5:06pm: 45 mins - Auckland 7 Canterbury 20

Canterbury defend the Auckland lineout with their lives, but Vella is called for offside. Faiane opts for the scrum this time, looking to make the most of the extra man in the forward pack.

Akira Ioane goes close off the back of the scrum, Auckland look to pick and go. Canterbury hold the ball up though! Incredible defence.

5:02pm: 42 mins - Auckland 7 Canterbury 20

Yellow card! Harmon is sent to the bin after a dangerous tackle. Canterbury reduced to 14 and Auckland take the lineout in the corner.

5:01pm: 41 mins - Auckland 7 Canterbury 20

The second half is underway as Auckland kick off.


Canterbury the first side out of the tunnel, followed by Auckland. Rain falling heavily and it's now very dark.

4:50pm: HALFTIME - Auckland 7 Canterbury 20

Penalty! Canterbury look to make the most of the extra man before Ioane comes back on. Auckland scrum, but they give away a penalty as the siren goes.

Cameron with the chance to end the first half with another three points. And he does just that. Canterbury take a 13 point lead into the break.

4:45: 35 mins - Auckland 7 Canterbury 17

TRY!!! Auckland throwing everything at Canterbury now. Canterbury give away a penalty for offside and Faiane takes it quickly!

He breaks right through everyone, before getting the pass away inside to Manu, who scores under the posts. Brilliant from the Auckland skipper!

Plummer adds the extras.

4:42pm: 33 mins - Auckland 0 Canterbury 17

TRY!!! Canterbury stamping their authority now. A short ball from Ennor slips Bridge through, and he's too quick for Auckland to catch. The fullback races away to score under the posts.

Cameron adds the extras with the boot.

4:38pm: 30 mins - Auckland 0 Canterbury 10

TRY!!! Canterbury surge with a driving maul, referee has the arm out for advantage. The maul collapses, and this time they want the lineout.

The Canterbury lineout has been shaky this afternoon, but they'll back themselves from close range. Dunshea wins, Canterbury drive, but a penalty try is awarded! 

Akira Ioane the culprit, and he's shown a yellow card for his troubles - he entered from the side as Canterbury drove. 

4:32pm: 24 mins - Auckland 0 Canterbury 3

Penalty for Canterbury, Ioane not releasing in the tackle. Again Canterbury will take the points. Cameron with his second kick of the afternoon.

The ball bounces off the posts and there's a scramble! Auckland win it, before the ball goes back to Plummer who can clear.

4:29pm: 21 mins - Auckland 0 Canterbury 3

Canterbury slice Auckland apart up the middle! Whitelock with a break, before a series of offloads has Burleigh through, but the ref calls knock-on. Close call for Auckland there, the ball like it went back off them. 

4:27pm: 19 mins - Auckland 0 Canterbury 3

Plummer puts up a midfield bomb, and Bridge spills it! Canterbury regather before Drummond clears the ball away, Trainor can counter though.

Auckland look to go forward now as they cross halfway. Luke Whitelock turns the ball over and Canterbury have it now! Ennor tries to dart down the wing, but is bundled into touch. Auckland lineout.

4:25pm: 16 mins - Auckland 0 Canterbury 3

Auckland lineout. They move the ball out into the backs as Faiane hits the line. They knock the ball on though and Canterbury can counter! 

McKay throws a loose offload and Canterbury lose the ball. Auckland try to clear, but the ball's not out and Bridge will have a run. Faiane does brilliantly though, making the tackle before winning a penalty as Bridge doesn't release.

Sam Prattley has failed his concussion test.

4:20pm: 12 mins - Auckland 0 Canterbury 3

Penalty! Cameron lines up the kick from right in front, and belts it straight down the middle. Canterbury with the first points of the final!

4:19pm: 11 mins - Auckland 0 Canterbury 0

Canterbury scrum after an Auckland knock-on. Drummond feeds but Auckland are penalised in the front row for angling in, Adams the culprit. 

Cameron kicks into the corner and Canterbury have a great chance. Romano takes the lineout and Canterbury look to drive.

Auckland's defence holds though, Canterbury's forwards look to pick and go. Luke Whitelock has a crack before Canterbury go wide. Burleigh nearly slips through but the referee has the arm out. The ball goes wide to Drummond who's forced into touch, but we'll go back for the penalty.

4:14pm: 6 mins - Auckland 0 Canterbury 0

Dunshea knocks on for Canterbury, but Sam Prattley is staying down for Auckland. It looks like he's taken a nasty headnock, he'll go off for a concussion test.

4:13pm: 5 mins - Auckland 0 Canterbury 0

Auckland's turn to run the ball as Ioane goes strong from the back of the scrum. They work the ball forward before Fa'agase is penalised for leaving his feet.

Faiane points to the posts and Auckland will have a chance for the first points of the final. Plummer with the kick from relatively in front.

Plummer misses though as the ball goes past the right post.

4:10pm: 3 mins - Auckland 0 Canterbury 0

Canterbury with the ball, Drummond quick to the base of the ruck to control things early. Romano makes a surge as Canterbury go forward.

Drummond knocks on though! The ball kicked out of his hand by his own player. Auckland scrum.

4:08pm: KICKOFF - Auckland 0 Canterbury 0

Canterbury kick off, Faine fields and we're underway in the final.


Auckland: 15. Jordan Trainor, 14. Melani Nanai, 13. Tumua Manu, 12. TJ Faiane (c), 11. Salesi Rayasi, 10. Harry Plummer, 9. Jonathan Ruru, 8. Akira Ioane, 7. Adrian Choat, 6. Evan Olmstead, 5. Michael Fatialofa, 4. Fa’atiga Lemalu, 3. Marcel Renata, 2. Robbie Abel, 1. Sam Prattley

Reserves: 16. Mike Sosene, 17. Jarred Adams, 18. Marco Fepulea’i, 19. Taleni Seu, 20. Hoskins Sotutu, 21. Leon Fukofuka, 22. Daniel Kirkpatrick, 23. Caleb Clarke

Canterbury: 15. George Bridge, 14. Josh McKay, 13. Braydon Ennor, 12. Phil Burleigh, 11. Caleb Makene, 10. Brett Cameron, 9. Mitch Drummond (c), 8. Luke Whitelock, 7. Billy Harmon, 6. Reed Prinsep, 5. Mitch Dunshea, 4. Luke Romano, 3. Sef Fa’agase, 2. Nathan Vella, 1. Alex Hodgman

Reserves: 16. Brodie McAlister, 17. Harrison Allan, 18. Chris King, 19. Tom Sanders, 20. Tom Christie, 21. Ere Enari, 22. Sam Beard, 23. Ngane Punivai