All Blacks thrash Ireland to seal Rugby World Cup quarter-final win

Welcome to 1 NEWS Now's live coverage of this Rugby World Cup quarter-final between the All Blacks and Ireland, from Toyko.

A brilliant Beauden Barrett performance helps the All Blacks move on to the semi-finals. Source: 1 NEWS

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1:13am: FULLTIME - NZ 46 IRE 14

TRY!!! That'll be that. The All Blacks go wide from the next scrum, Beauden finds Jordie and the youngest brother scores in the corner.

Great play from the Barrett's after a tough week. 

Mo'unga's kick from the right hand side, can't land it. That's fulltime.

1:10am: 79 mins - NZ 41 IRE 14

Beauden Barrett tackles Carberry into touch in the corner. All Blacks lineout right on the tryline. They go for the 2011 World Cup Tony Woodcock try play, but Ireland hold it up.

Beauden Barrett has been named man of the match. Wife Hannah is going off in the crowd.

1:08am: 77 mins - NZ 41 IRE 14

Penalty try! What? Matt Todd gives away what's been awarded as a penalty try, taking the man as he tries to score against the upright.

Entering from the side is the call, possibly a yellow card. It is. The All Blacks will finish with 14 men.

Conversion is good.

1:04am: 74 mins - NZ 41 IRE 7

TRY!!! George Bridge gets the sixth! Savea makes a break, offloading to Coles, who offloads to Bridge and he scores! Savea starting it with the turnover and the All Blacks again score from nothing.

Mo'unga with the kick, and he won't miss those.

1:00am: 70 mins - NZ 34 IRE 7

TRY!!! Ireland are on the board as Henshaw makes up for his mistake. Ireland go short from the back of the scrum, as Carberry feeds Henshaw to dive in and score under the posts.

The conversion is good from Carberry.

12:58am: 68 mins - NZ 34 IRE 0

Stockdale breaks down the left wing and Ireland are camped on the All Blacks' tryline! Carberry tries to run the ball in on the 11th phase but is tackled.

Ireland with the advantage as the kick goes through from Carberry - Henshaw beats everyone but knocks the ball on trying to ground it!

We go back for the penalty!

12:56am: 66 mins - NZ 34 IRE 0

Ireland penalty, Carberry's kick isn't out - but the chasers are quick. Lienert-Brown throws a pass back to Barrett in the in-goal, and he somehow avoids the chasing pack to get out of trouble. 

The ball is cleared for an Ireland lineout.

12:53am: 63 mins - NZ 34 IRE 0

TRY!!! Todd scores! Mo'unga goes to the air from the back of the drive, and Reece soars to take it. Reece cuts inside - taking three defenders with him, before Todd is in as the first man to pick the ball up and score! Five tries for the All Blacks!

Mo'unga with the kick, this one just shaves the left post though. Jordie Barrett replaces Sevu Reece.

Rory Best leaves the pitch for - what will likely be - his last time in the Irish jersey, standing ovation for one of the game's great players.

12:50am: 61 mins - NZ 29 IRE 0

Short break in play. Matt Todd replaces Retallick. That'll mean he goes to seven, Barrett to lock, Savea back to six.

Ireland scrum. Murray feeds. Penalty advantage, Owens calls it, but the kick doesn't find touch - straight to Bridge!

Bridge kicks back and Ireland are going backwards. Beauden Barrett gets the ball and tries the up and under, and Ireland are racing back!

They get there though, Ireland clear into touch to get out of danger. Aaron Smith goes off, Perenara replaces him.

12:45am: 57 mins - NZ 29 IRE 0

Aaron Smith kicks through as the ball dribbles into touch in the corner. Huge pressure on this throw for Best, and Ireland win it.

Murray kicks, Bridge is there as the All Blacks start another attack. Mo'unga wraps Reece who makes some space, before Murray makes the tackle. Huge overlap on the left for the All Blacks as they go to Bridge, but Ireland defend well.

The forwards again making some good metres, through 11 phases. Retallick is penalised for incorrect entry of the ruck though!

Great defence from Ireland.

12:41am: 53 mins - NZ 29 IRE 0

Ireland take the lineout from a penalty. Murray and Sexton starting to combine as Ireland go to the left past the 22. 

Sexton puts a bomb up, Henshaw gets it, but knocks on to ALB. Ireland reclaim possession before Reece wins a penalty.

Goodhue comes off, SBW comes on.

12:36am: 49 mins - NZ 29 IRE 0

TRY!!! Smith feeds the scrum. Mo'unga takes at first receiver. Read tries to pick and go, Scott Barrett does the same. Savea has a go, All Blacks five metres away. Beauden Barrett has a go, Read and Savea both have a second crack.

Lienert-Brown tries, before Read hits a gap. Read offloads to Codie Taylor and he scores the first points of the second half!!!

Mo'unga with the kick from right in front, and this one's too easy. 

12:33am: 46 mins - NZ 22 IRE 0

Ireland kick for Stockdale on the wing, but Scott Barrett wins it! The All Blacks go wide to Bridge on the wing, before going back infield to Goodhue who breaks! 

The All Blacks five out, but Stander's attempt at an intercept is knocked on. ABs scrum. Moody is staying down with what looks like an issue to his neck. 

12:30pm: 45 mins - NZ 22 IRE 0

Ireland scrum right on their own goal line. Murray clears to just outside of his 22. The All Blacks win the lineout, but ALB is taken by Sexton.

Mo'unga ties a show and go, but is tackled. The ball goes back for Beauden Barrett to try a drop goal, but the ball's short, before dribbling over the dead ball line.

12:28am: 43 mins - NZ 22 IRE 0

Mo'unga kicks deep, Stockdale takes it but carries the ball into touch. All Blacks lineout. They win it and go wide.

Scott Barrett is actually on for Cane. That'll mean he goes to six, Savea to seven. Goodhue kicks into touch as Ireland have a lineout.

12:26am: 41 mins - NZ 22 IRE 0

We're back after the break. Scott Barrett is on for the All Blacks, it looks like he's replaced Whitelock?

Sexton kicks off to get the second half underway. 

12:11am: HALFTIME - NZ 22 IRE 0

Best throws to the front and Ireland want the lineout drive! Best has a go but is nearly taken into touch. Possible foul play but we play on. Penalty against the All Blacks, three minutes after the siren. Read took out Healy off the ball. Nigel Owens making it clear that this is the All Blacks' last warning. 

Hang on, we'll go to the TMO for a possible but of foul play by O'Mahony. The Irish flanker hit the last ruck leading with his shoulder. Just a warning from Nigel Owens, but the penalty is reversed.

Mo'unga kicks for touch. Halftime.

12:07pm: 40+2 mins - NZ 22 IRE 0

Best throws and Ireland want to drive, but the All Blacks are ready for it and push back! The siren goes for halftime, but Ireland want something. Murray breaks and is taken just shy of the 22. 

Ringrose hits the line, before O'Mahony has a crack. Savea gives away another penalty. Do Ireland want the three?

They want the lineout!

12:05pm: 40 mins - NZ 22 IRE 0

All Blacks give away a free kick at the scrum, Ireland want another though. Ireland win advantage as Murray kicks for Earls, but the ball dribbles out. Murray's furious - and he should be, the lineout was called for the All Blacks, but it came off Mo'unga's deflection. Ireland lineout.

O'Mahony down again.

12:01am: 37 mins - NZ 22 IRE 0

Ireland lineout. Best throws. Murray and Sexton combines, before Stander has a go. Murray's spilled the ball though! All Blacks scrum.

Mo'unga kicks for the corner, but Kearney is safe at the back. He returns fire, straight to Barrett who tries to chip over the top!

Barrett can't quite hang on though. Advantage Ireland. Murray then gives away a penalty for a high tackle on Smith.

11:57pm: 33 mins - NZ 22 IRE 0

TRY!!! The All Blacks strike from nothing! Beauden Barrett with a try reminiscent of the 2015 final. Nigel Owens wants to check upstairs.

Sexton spills the ball in Reece's tackle, and Mo'unga kicks the loose ball through. Barrett is there chasing, and has too much pace for Ireland, kicks the bouncing ball to claim the try.

Did the ball touch Reece though? It looks like it came of Reece's head, meaning Mo'unga's onside. The try is awarded!

Mo'unga to kick, from the other wing now. He can't nail this one though!

11:53pm: 31 mins - NZ 17 IRE 0

Ireland scrum. Murray feeds, and tries to then run off the back, taken by Aaron Smith. The Ireland forwards want to run, before Murray kicks. Barrett takes it, and moves the ball to Reece who slips through! He finds ALB, who tries to go back inside, but the ball's thrown forwards.

Ireland in possession again, Sexton puts a bomb up, Barrett takes again and finds Bridge on the left. Whitelock has a dart down the wing, but Healy turns it over. Ireland look knackered.

11:49pm: 29 mins - NZ 17 IRE 0

All Blacks lineout, Mo'unga kicks to Bridge on the wing. Read goes forward and the All Blacks go left. The forwards pick and go, but it looks like Savea can't hold on, Ireland scrum. O'Mahony down for Ireland.

11:47pm: 27 mins - NZ 17 IRE 0

Ireland lineout and now they can attack - but they've lost it again! The All Blacks go upfield, before Ireland give away a penalty for offside. Healy doesn't hear the whistle and tries the runaway try, Nigel Owens calls him back though.

11:45pm: 25 mins - NZ 17 IRE 0

Henshaw leaves the field for what looks like a concussion test, Ringrose takes Savea round the neck, penalty to the All Blacks. 

Mo'unga finds touch with the kick, ABs lineout. Ireland win the ball though through Henderson! Huge play from Ireland.

Ireland go to the air, Reece takes it. ALB tries the show and go, before Barrett has a crack, Read is taken by Best, before O'Mahony wins the ball at the breakdown.

11:42pm: 22 mins - NZ 17 Ire 0

TRY!!! Ireland knock on from their own lineout. All Blacks scrum.

Smith feeds, Mo'unga finds Goodhue, who wraps with Reece and goes wide to Bridge! Bridge is tackled short of the line, but the All Blacks are there in numbers, Smith takes the pick and go and scores his second!!! Jack Goodhue take a bow!

Mo'unga with his third kick of the night, this one the hardest from the left touchline, but it doesn't matter as the ball sails down the middle!!!

11:38pm: 18 mins - NZ 10 IRE 0

Ireland restart, Barrett tries to clear, but the ball's not out. Murray tries to milk a penalty, before Ringrose hits the line hard, stopped by Moody.

Advantage to Ireland, before Owens awards the penalty. Taylor called for taking out O'Mahony without the ball. Ireland want the lineout, Sexton kicks for the corner - but Mo'unga keeps it alive?!

Mo'unga returns fire, Sexton kicks to the air, Barrett takes the mark and finds touch. Ireland lineout.

11:35pm: 15 mins - NZ 10 IRE 0

TRY!!! Quick restart and the All Blacks are hot on attack. Mo'unga goes wide to Bridge, but he's tackled, Sam Whitelock makes a strong surge forwards. Cane has a crack, before Aaron Smith sneaks through and he scores beside the posts!!!

Huge work from the All Blacks' forwards there, and Smith is there to finish for his first try of the tournament! Mo'unga with his second kick, and he belts it down the middle!

11:33pm: 13 mins - NZ 3 IRE 0

Smith feeds and Savea runs off the back of the scrum! Huge drive from the forwards, the All Blacks go wide to Barrett, then Reece before moving back infield.

Reece has another run with ALB outside him. Read and Taylor combine in the middle of the park, before Mo'unga stabs through for Bridge, Kearney gets first and kicks desperately into touch.

11:31pm: 11 mins - NZ 3 IRE 0

Best's throw hits Henderson, before Ireland try the driving maul. Savea is called for offside though. Ringrose looks ready to come back on. Sexton finds touch on halfway for an Ireland lineout.

Best throws again, this time Ryan takes it. Henshaw goes for the crash-ball, but knocks on! Great defensive pressure from the All Blacks!

All Blacks scrum.

11:28pm: 9 mins - NZ 3 IRE 0

Stockdale does well to climb above the All Blacks to take the kick-off, and Ireland want to run the ball.

Sexton loses the ball and Bridge tries to kick the loose ball through! Lamour gets back first and saves the day, Ireland can build again. Murray goes for the box kick, Taylor charges it, Ireland lineout.

11:26pm: 7 mins - NZ 3 IRE 0

Penalty! Blood bin replacement for Ireland, Ringrose off, Lamour on. Replays show Ringrose copped a shoulder to the nose from Savea, meanwhile Henshaw's head's been strapped up.

The All Blacks want the points from Ireland's knock on. Mo'unga lines up his first shot of the night - and it's perfect! 

All Blacks in front!

11:24pm: 5 mins - NZ 0 IRE 0

Smith feeds, the ball goes back to Mo'unga who puts a bomb up. The All Blacks win it and go wide to Reece's wing. Barrett acts as first-five, before Savea nearly finds a gap. Mo'unga throws a risky pass, Stockdale tries to intercept but knocks on.

11:22pm: 4 mins - NZ 0 IRE 0

Best finds O'Mahony from the lineout. We've got a maul, but the All Blacks turn it over - Kieran Read the hero! All Blacks' scrum.

Sam Whitelock is down for the All Blacks. Whitelock back on his feet (phew).

11:20pm: 2 mins - NZ 0 IRE 0

Reece contests the kick-off, but knocks on. Advantage Ireland, but they can't hang on. We'll have a scrum, Ireland's feed.

Murray feeds and Ireland go blind. Sexton kicks for Earl on the wing, but Bridge is there. The All Blacks want to run. Goodhue kicks through, but the ball dribbles into touch.

11:18pm: KICKOFF - NZ 0 IRE 0

Beauden Barrett kicks off - and we're away!!!


Huge support in for Ireland, very vocal during the anthem. Time for the haka, will it be ka mate? Or kapa o pango?

Read and Perenara both leading the haka, just like they did against South Africa - and it'll be kapa o pango!!!

The Ireland fans sing throughout the haka, but the All Blacks don't care - they are seriously PUMPED! Kick off moments away!!!


Right then, now the anthems. New Zealand first, Ireland second.


Apologies, first up there'll be a moments silence for those to have lost their lives in Typhoon Hagibis.


Here we go then! Kieran Read and Rory Best lead their sides out onto Tokyo Stadium.

We'll have the anthems, the haka, and then it's on!!!


Good evening! What a match we're in store for tonight. 

England have already sealed their spot in the World Cup semi-final, now we'll find out who they'll be facing. 

Kick off around 15 minutes away.


Nearly a year after a 16-9 defeat in Dublin, the All Blacks meet Ireland once more, only this time on the biggest of stages.

The two top ranked sides heading into this year's World Cup now meet instead as quarter-finalists, Ireland holding the edge in recent times - with two wins in their last three matches.

Tonight's match will see the end of one of the two coaches, with the duo of Steve Hansen and Ireland's Joe Schmidt both standing down from their posts after the tournament.


All Blacks: 15. Beauden Barrett, 14. Sevu Reece, 13. Jack Goodhue, 12. Anton Lienert-Brown, 11. George Bridge, 10. Richie Mo'unga, 9. Aaron Smith, 8. Kieran Read (c), 7. Sam Cane, 6. Ardie Savea, 5. Sam Whitelock, 4. Brodie Retallick, 3. Nepo Laulala, 2. Codie Taylor, 1. Joe Moody.

Reserves: 16. Dane Coles, 17. Ofa Tu'ungafasi, 18. Angus Ta'avao, 19. Scott Barrett, 20. Matt Todd, 21. TJ Perenara, 22. Sonny Bill Williams, 23. Jordie Barrett.

Ireland: 15. Rob Kearney, 14. Keith Earls, 13. Garry Ringrose, 12. Robbie Henshaw, 11. Jacob Stockdale, 10. Johnny Sexton, 9. Conor Murray, 8. CJ Stander, 7. Josh van der Flier, 6. Peter O'Mahony, 5. James Ryan, 4. Iain Henderson, 3. Tadhg Furlong, 2. Rory Best (c), 1. Cian Healy.

Reserves: 16. Niall Scannell, 17. Dave Kilcoyne, 18. Andrew Porter, 19. Tadhg Beirne, 20. Rhys Ruddock, 21. Luke McGrath, 22. Joey Carbery, 23. Jordan Larmour.