All Blacks manager describes moment of 'shock' listening device was found in Sydney hotel last year


All Blacks manager Darren Shand has detailed his surprise at the discovery of a listening device, found in the team's meeting room in a Sydney hotel last year.

All Blacks manager Darren Shand.

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Mr Shand is giving evidence at the Downing Centre Local Court on the first day of a hearing over last year's Bledisloe Cup bugging scandal in August.

The team's former security consultant Adrian Gard has been charged with public mischief over the incident.

Police say Mr Gard, who worked with the team since 2005 on security matters, made a false statement to them about finding the device.

The All Blacks coach went on to tell reporters there are even potential listening devices in their hotel rooms.
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Mr Shand has been called as a witness, and told the court that the first he knew of the bug was when Mr Gard called him to his room at the Intercontinental in Double Bay around 5pm on Monday August the 15th.

He says Mr Gard's voice had a "sense of urgency" and on walking into the room saw several conference room chairs.

The team's former security guard Adrian Gard is on trial for public mischief over the incident.
Source: 1 NEWS

He told the court one chair had the covering pulled back, and he could see the foam of another, along with "what looked like a battery and some wires sitting in the foam of the chair and the wire running on top of the foam".

"Basically both of us were staring at it in shock and coming to the realisation that it was some sort of listening device."

Mr Shand says they then alerted the hotel management, believing it was an issue they needed to deal with.

Two investigators were brought in, who informed Mr Shand on the Friday that planting a listening device was a criminal offence, something he had not previously been aware of.

Mr Shand says he then told the hotel to contact the police.

The hearing has been set down for two days.

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