All Blacks claim hard earned victory over Springboks to begin World Cup defence

Relive 1 NEWS NOW's live coverage of the 2019 Rugby World Cup from Japan, as the All Blacks face the Springboks in Yokohama.

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11:34pm: FULLTIME - NZ 23 SA 13

The All Blacks happy to eat up time setting the scrum. Jantjies feeds and the All Blacks give away another penalty!

The gong goes, we'll have one last play, but the All Blacks will win it.

Mbonambi throws South Africa move the ball, but they throw a forward pass and that's it!!!

11:32pm: 80 mins - NZ 23 SA 13

All Blacks scrum, Savea runs off the back. Perenara puts the box kick up and Bridge wins it! Taylor throws an inside pass to Frizell, before SBW has a crack.

Smith gets a pass away to Bridge who makes good ground. Barrett and Read combine before Tuipulotu is taken. Smith nearly slips through, the All Blacks through 13 phases.

The All Blacks go wide again but Frizell can't hang on! We'll have a scrum in the final minute.

11:28pm: 76 mins - NZ 23 SA 13

Pollard knocks on to give the All Blacks a scrum. Perenara feeds, de Klerk now off for Jantjies. 

Big scrum from South Africa has Perenara in trouble! Ben Smith plays halfback. Perenara kicks over the top but the bounce favours the Springboks!

Kolbe slips right through the All Blacks' defence, but he loses it! Beauden Barrett clears but le Roux takes it at the back.

Jantjis throws a forward pass and it'll be another scrum! Nyakane is helped from the field, injured.

11:24pm: 73 mins - NZ 23 SA 13

Penalty! SBW tries a crossfield kick straight to le Roux, who returns fire. SBW with another go, but his effort is charged down, so we'll go back for a penalty on the South African 10m line.

Read weighs up if he wants the points or the lineout, while du Toit stays down with a knee issue. 

Barrett lines up the shot at goal, and the ball flies straight down the middle - All Blacks lead by 10.

11:20pm: 70 mins - NZ 20 SA 13

Springboks lineout. Mostert takes it as they go for the lineout drive. Savea wins a penalty though! South Africa pinged for not releasing! 

Barrett finds touch, All Blacks' lineout. Taylor throws. Tuipulotu takes. Perenara goes to the air, Kolbe takes and is tackled by Bridge.

South Africa kick now as Beauden Barrett takes it. Scott Barrett has a run, before Perenara goes again with the box kick. Pollard takes but is hit into touch by Bridge!

All Blacks lineout.

11:16pm: 67 mins - NZ 20 SA 13

Penalty! Ben Smith ready to come on - where will he go though? On field though we've got a Springboks scrum.

De Klerk feeds, but the All Blacks are over the top of it! They go wide to Barrett who can't hang on - so we go back for the penalty! Read wants the points though.

Mo'unga with the kick, and he's got it! All Blacks' lead now out to seven. That'll be his night though, Mo'unga off for Smith, Barrett to first-five.

11:11pm: 62 mins - NZ 17 SA 13

South Africa kick deep and Barrett runs at the line. Savea has a go but South Africa slow things right down once more. Smith goes for the box kick, Reece competes in the air with Mapimpi but knocks it on. 

Bit of push and shove with Reece and the Springboks' forwards. Perenara on for Smith, Marx comes off for Mbonambi.

11:08pm: 59 mins - NZ 17 SA 13

Drop goal! South Africa with the advantage after winning their own lineout as Pollard goes for the drop goal and gets it!

11:06pm: 57 mins - NZ 17 SA 10

All Blacks' scrum. Tu'ungafasi and Ta'avao both on in the front row for NZ. Penalty as de Klerk goes too early on Smith. 

All Blacks' attacking lineout. Taylor throws and Mostert wins it! Brilliant from the Springboks to win the penalty too. Pollard finds touch and now South Africa will have an attacking throw.

11:03pm: 54 mins - NZ 17 SA 10

Double knock on means a South Africa scrum. SBW comes on for Ryan Crotty. Kolisi comes off for South Africa, Louw his replacement. Sam Cane won't come back on either. 

De Klerk feeds, de Allende first receiver again but SBW makes the tackle. Vermuelen breaks Savea's tackle and South Africa can break!

Le Roux looks for Kolbe and he does well to hang on! Marx tries to crash over as South Africa pass the five metre line. Vermuelen goes again, SBW tackles and it looks like Savea's turned it. He has.

The All Blacks go wide to Reece, who finds Barrett who kicks. South Africa get there first though, de Klerk goes again and Mapimpi beats Mo'unga - but he's knocked it on.

This game has come to life!

10:57pm: 49 mins - NZ 17 SA 10

TRY!!! The All Blacks kick and Kolbe fields it and he's off! The winger is rapid down the sideline before Mo'unga saves a certain try. Kolbe loses the ball, Beauden Barrett takes it. He kicks back and South Africa can come again.

Le Roux looks to come up into a playmaking role, moving the ball wide before Etzebeth makes good metres. Du Toit picks and goes with no one in front of him and he's scored!!! South Africa back in it!

Pollard converts and the Boks strike first in the second half.

10:53pm: 45 mins - NZ 17 SA 3

Smith feeds again, and this time the All Blacks win a penalty - Laualala the hero! Mo'unga finds touch and we'll have a lineout.

Taylor throws, Read wins it. Mo'unga goes to the air and the ball bounces. South Africa have it under control and want to run from inside their own half. Pollard kicks into touch though - another All Blacks lineout.

10:51pm: 43 mins - NZ 17 SA 3

De Klerk goes to the air, Bridge misses the take and wipes out Kolbe. Beauden Barrett staying down, he copped a boot to the face from Vermuelen. 

All Blacks' scrum. Smith feeds, and the front rows collapse. We're hearing that Cane has stayed off for a concussion test - which he looks like he's passed.

10:48pm: 41 mins - NZ 17 SA 3

We're back for the second half, South Africa to kick off to get things going again. Tuipulotu replaces Sam Cane after the break, Taylor replaces Coles. 

Scott Barrett will go into six, Savea to seven surely. Pollard sends the ball into the sky to get things going.


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10:32pm: HALFTIME - NZ 17 SA 3

South Africa desperate to get something before the break, inside the All Blacks' half. They won't though as du Toit comes up with the error.

That's halftime in Yokohama.

10:31pm: 40 mins - NZ 17 SA 3

Springboks' scrum after a double knock on. Fed by de Klerk, Kieran Read in at number eight for NZ. 

South Africa go right as le Roux looks for Mapimpi, he's tackled. Kitsoff bumps off Moody, before de Allende is taken by Savea.

De Klerk goes for the box kick, which bounces and Barrett takes, he tries to run down the sideline before de Allende takes him into touch,

The gong goes for halftime but we'll get one more lineout.

10:28pm: 38 mins - NZ 17 SA 3

Smith feeds, Savea runs the blindside off the back and wins a penalty! Vermuelen the culprit going off his feet. Read points at the posts.

Mo'unga with another shot, yet to miss tonight - this one the hardest of the lot though. It proves as Mo'unga's effort drifts left.

10:25pm: 36 mins - NZ 17 SA 3

Pollard puts a bomb up that doesn't get the distance, Bridge takes it in the air. Mo'unga is tackled before Cane hits Crotty - who carries over halfway.

Aaron Smith goes to the air, but le Roux loses it! Beauden Barrett tries to break the line, but loses the ball in the tackle, we go back for the scrum. All Blacks' feed.

10:23pm: 33 mins - NZ 17 SA 3

Right then, how can South Africa respond. They want to slow it down before de Klerk goes to the air, Mo'unga takes it - but Kolisi tackles him into touch.

Springboks lineout, Marx throws and hits Mostert. Scott Barrett looks for the turnover, but de Klerk finds de Allende. South Africa again looking to set the pace and just slow things down. 

Le Roux goes to the air and Reece takes it. He beats his man before getting the ball to Beauden Barrett. All Blacks running from inside their own half. 

Smith tries the box kick but is smashed by Vermuelen. The All Blacks still with the ball though before Smith can find touch.

10:19pm: 29 mins - NZ 17 SA 3

TRY!!! All Blacks' ball with advantage, Smith goes to the air. Pollard drops the kick and the All Blacks can run.

They go wide to Lienert-Brown, before the All Blacks switch the direction. Now they go wide to Ardie Savea, who skins Mapimpi. The All Blacks go straight now through Lienert-Brown and he slices through the 'Boks line!

Lienert-Brown draws in le Roux, before getting the pass to Scott Barrett and he scores under the posts! The All Blacks turning it on now!!!

Mo'unga with another kick, no issue. All Blacks lead is now 14!

10:15pm: 25 mins - NZ 10 SA 3

TRY!!! Aaron Smith's box kick isn't held by SA, before Mo'unga goes to the air for Reece. Reece runs and goes back infield to Savea!

Savea is taken, before Mo'unga combined with Beauden Barrett of the back! Barrett is through before offloading to George Bridge and he scores!!!

Mo'unga with the kick, and he belts it between the sticks! All Blacks ahead by seven!

10:13pm: 23 mins - NZ 3 SA 3

Penalty! Marx throws, and South Africa bring it down. The pass goes to ground though and Mo'unga kicks through! It's a race, and Mo'unga gets there first before being tackled by Mapimpi. Crotty is in support but is taken out! The referee sends it upstairs, but it won't be a yellow!

Kieran Read is furious! The All Blacks will take the points though. Mo'unga with kicking duties. 

Straight in front, straight down the middle. All square in Yokohama!

10:09pm: 21 mins - NZ 0 SA 3

De Allende runs as first receiver, but is taken by Mo'unga. Marx and de Klerk win the advantage for the Boks. Kolbe has a run before South Africa go back infield to Etzebeth. Le Roux kicks through for Kolbe to chase, but Mo'unga is there first.

We'll go back for the penalty. South Africa want the points again. Pollard with his second kick of the night, but he hits the post! 

The ball's still live as Cane tries to win the turnover againts Kolisi. Marx runs at Cane, before de Klerk kicks over the top for Reece. 

Reece is racing back, but gets the ball away to Beauden Barrett, who clears under immense pressure! SA lineout.

10:05pm: 16 mins - NZ 0 SA 3

All Blacks scrum, Smith feeds and South Africa are right up from their rush defence! Sevu Reece goes on a run but struggles to make any ground, before Beauden Barrett clears into touch. SA lineout.

Marx throws, Scott Barrett does well to contest. Ardie Savea rips the ball away, but can't hang on. SA scrum. Marx staying down, he looks in a bit of discomfort. 

10:00pm: 13 mins - NZ 0 SA 3

Aaron Smith feeds, Crotty runs as first reciever. Smith tries the box kick but Vermuelen charges it down. Scott Barrett wins a penalty against Etzebeth though! Mo'unga's kick is good and we'll have another lineout.

Coles throws, and finds Scott Barrett. Mo'unga is bought down as first receiver, Ardie Savea makes good metres as the second man.

Crotty is taken down by Kolisi, before the All Blacks look to go wide to Beauden Barrett. Dodgy pass sees du Toit try to kick through, but the All Blacks reclaim it. Mo'unga puts the bomb up, and Reece can't hold on. The All Blacks reclaim, before Beauden Barrett loses the ball in the tackle.

We'll go back for Reece's knock on though. Phew.

9:56pm: 9 mins - NZ 0 SA 3

South Africa trying to run the ball inside the All Blacks' half. Etzebeth has a run but ends up going backwards, same with the next play from Mostert. Another box kick, but Bridge can't hang on, advantage South Africa.

The Boks go wide to Mapimpi, before le Roux's pass is spilled. All Blacks scrum.

9:54pm: 7 mins - NZ 0 SA 3

The All Blacks go for a deep lineout, with Coles throwing over the top to Reece, who can't hang on. First scrum of the night, Springboks' feed.

All Blacks with the weight advantage as de Klerk feeds. Am kicks over the top, but Barrett is there to tidy up, before kicking into touch.

SA lineout.

9:52pm: 5 mins - NZ 0 SA 3

The Springboks looking to kick as de Klerk hits Reece. The All Blacks can have a run now. Barrett and Reece combine, before South Africa give away a penalty against the winger. They want the lineout. Mo'unga finds touch, first real chance for the All Blacks now. 

Read wins, before Mo'unga goes to the air! Lienert-Brown v Kolbe, with the South African winger winning the contest and calling the mark.

9:50pm: 3 mins - NZ 0 SA 3

Penalty! Straight away, Pollard points the posts. His first kick is perfect, straight down the middle as South Africa take the lead!

9:49pm: 2 mins - NZ 0 SA 0

Le Roux takes the kick, before the ball goes back to Pollard, his kick isn't out. Barrett returns fire as South Africa struggle to control the ball.

De Klerk goes to the air, and Bridge beats Kolbe, before giving away a penalty for not releasing.

9:48pm: KICKOFF - NZ 0 SA 0

The All Blacks will kick to South Africa to get things started - 72,000 in attendance. Beauden Barrett kicks off and we're away in Yokohama!!!


Time for the haka - which one will it be though? Kieran Read leads alongside Perenara! It'll be kapa o pango. 

The All Blacks are fired up. I've seen a lot of hakas in my time in this job, but that was by far the most passionate.

Kick off moments away!


We'll have the anthems, New Zealand up first followed by South Africa.


The All Blacks and Springboks in the tunnel, ready to come out side by side as all teams have so far this World Cup.

Yokohama Stadium is packed, Kieran Read and Siya Kolisi lead the two teams onto the park.


Good evening! The good news in Yokohama is that the rain has stayed away, meaning we should be in for an absolute cracker.

Kick off is around 15 minutes away. Here's hoping for a classic!


After what feels like an eternity of build up, the All Blacks' Rugby World Cup opener is finally here.

As the All Blacks' quest for a third straight World Cup begins, familiar foes South Africa stand in the way, having had the wood over Steve Hansen's side for the better part of the last 18 months.

These two sides drew 16-all the last time they met, coming earlier this year in Wellington, meaning both will be confident of their chances at getting their World Cup campaigns off to the perfect start.


All Blacks: 15. Beauden Barrett, 14. Sevu Reece, 13. Anton Lienert-Brown, 12. Ryan Crotty, 11. George Bridge, 10. Richie Mo'unga, 9. Aaron Smith, 8. Kieran Read (c), 7. Sam Cane, 6. Ardie Savea, 5. Scott Barrett, 4. Sam Whitelock, 3. Nepo Laulala, 2. Dane Coles, 1. Joe Moody.

Reserves: 16. Codie Taylor, 17. Ofa Tu'ungafasi, 18. Angus Ta'avao, 19. Patrick Tuipulotu, 20. Shannon Frizell, 21. TJ Perenara, 22. Sonny Bill Williams, 23. Ben Smith.

South Africa: 15. Willie le Roux, 14. Cheslin Kolbe, 13. Lukhanyo Am, 12. Damian de Allende, 11. Makazole Mapimpi, 10. Handré Pollard, 9. Faf de Klerk, 8. Duane Vermeulen, 7. Pieter-Steph du Toit, 6. Siya Kolisi (c), 5. Franco Mostert, 4. Eben Etzebeth, 3. Frans Malherbe, 2. Malcolm Marx, 1. Steven Kitshoff.

Reserves: 16. Bongi Mbonambi, 17. Tendai Mtawarira, 18. Trevor Nyakane, 19. Rudolph Snyman, 20. Francois Louw, 21. Herschel Jantjies, 22. Franscois Steyn, 23. Jesse Kriel.