All Black Brodie Retallick recovers personal Instagram account after comical discussion with hacker

All Black Brodie Retallick has apologised to fans and promised to create a stronger password for his social media accounts after being hacked recently.

Brodie Retallick alongside messages from the person who hacked his account. Source: 1 NEWS

Retallick’s Instagram account was taken over by a hacker over the weekend, with posts asking for donations to “help for recovery” and others saying he was selling cryptocurrency.

Retallick’s account has more than 51,000 followers, all of whom he apologised to last night after recovering the account.

“I’m back. Sorry team, got hacked the other day,” he wrote in a post.

“Hopefully no one was misled by this person.”

Accompanying the post was a conversation with the hacker while they still had control of Retallick’s account.

The hacker said they had “nothing against the man” but, “I just saw a verified account and took it”.

The hacker then asked for “1000” to get it back but was told he’d have more luck getting blood out of stone.

Retallick didn’t confirm how he recovered the account but as part of the hack, all of his previous photos were deleted, meaning the post about the hacking is now the first on his account.

However, the 82-cap All Black – who is currently in Japan playing rugby as part of a sabbatical – is taking the experience in his stride.

“Time for some new content. PS, please don’t hack me again.”

Although, that could be possible, considering the answer he gave one fan who hoped he’d picked a better password than “password123” this time around.

“[It’s] 12345 now,” Retallick joked.