A look at how Lomu and his wives' failed business ventures ate away at his fortune

Jonah Lomu was a director or shareholder of at least six companies, including a travel company which went into liquidation, as it’s emerged the All Black great died broke.

NZ Rugby Players Association boss Rob Nichol says Jonah Lomu’s health played a part in his financial troubles. Source: 1 NEWS

Public documents show Lomu and his South African first wife Tanya Michaels, formerly Tanya Rutter, were directors of Global 11 Travel Limited from September 22, 1996 to May 7, 1998.

The company was placed into liquidation by the High Court in Auckland on March 4, 1999, before later being dissolved in January 2001, after Lomu and Ms Michaels had separated.

Lomu was also the director and sole shareholder of Stylez Limited, which had a 20 per cent stake in Global 11 Travel Limited.

Stylez Limited later bought a Wellington apartment from Lomu's father-in-law Mervyn Quirk (father of Nadene Lomu) for $1,580,000 in 2008, almost double the $876,000 government valuation at the time, the New Zealand Herald reported.

The 40-year-old died on November 18 this year following years of kidney trouble, and it has since emerged the rugby star was broke at the time of his death.

The Jonah Lomu Legacy Trust has been established by the NZ Rugby Players Association to help his family with the financial woes.

‘It’s not for those who are struggling,’ the Rugby Players Association boss said. Source: 1 NEWS

The trust excludes Lomu’s third wife Nadene, whom the winger married in 2011, as a beneficiary or from having control of any of the funds.

She is, however, able to apply to the trust for money to help raise their sons, Dhyreille, 6, and Brayley, 5.

Shortly after Lomu’s death, a Givealittle page was also set up for Nadene and the boys, but was later removed.

Lomu’s other business ventures included being the director and shareholder of Imbodan Limited, and held $269,445 worth of shares as of October 2012. The company has since been struck off.

He was a director and shareholder for Godzilla Limited, and had $37,345 worth of shares with the company as of October 2012.

He was director of JL11 Limited, which Stylez Limited owned 99 of the company’s 100 shares. Lomu held the other share in his name.

Lomu also took over as director of Wesley Holdings Limited on August 14, 2006.

His former wife Fiona Leigh Taylor, whom he married in August 2003, was the director of Lomu Incorporated Limited.

NZ Rugby Players Association boss Rob Nichol said Lomu's generosity to others and his attitude of not wanting to rely on others for help contributed to his financial problems.

"People may have assumed he's been able to make earn quite good money over the last 10 or 15 years but his illness has severely hampered his ability to do that," he said.