'You dodge people, that's cool' - UFC champ Robert Whittaker fires shots at Israel Adesanya

Aussie UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker continues to add fuel to the fire ahead of his match-up with Kiwi mixed martial arts star Israel Adesanya, saying his rival avoided some of the division's top grappling specialists.

Speaking on Grange TV's podcast last night, Whittaker answered questions from fans about his upcoming bout with Adesanya.

The 28-year-old New Zealand born Aussie fighter told fans he believed Adesanya avoided high calibre grapplers in the middleweight division.

"Yeah he said he picks his fights, 'UFC don't pick my fights, I [Adesanya] pick my fights,'" said Whittaker.

"That is fine, you dodge people, that's cool."

Before the UFC 236 bout in Atlanta on Sunday for the interim middleweight title, Adesanya was ranked fifth with his US rival Kelvin Gastelum ranked fourth.

Whittaker implied that Adesanya hadn't yet fought top contenders in the division like Cuban Yoel Romero, US fighter Luke Rockhold and Brazilian Jacaré Souza.

The Aussie champion went onto criticise Adesanya's back and forth feud with current UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, who is argued by many MMA experts as the GOAT [greatest of all time].

"Izzy wants to yell at everyone. He seems super angry, I think picking on Jon Jones for no reason out of the blue… like why right now? I think Jon Jones will kill him." 

Adesanya's unanimous win over Gastelum on Sunday lines him up with a title fight with Whittaker around August-September.

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