'You can believe it, but you can't' – Paralympian Adam Hall describes medal haul

Kiwi Paralympics medallist Adam Hall has described the sensation of bringing home two medals from the Winter games in PyeongChang.

Hall and his teammates arrived back in New Zealand today, landing at Auckland International Airport, with his gold and bronze medals draped around his neck.

Talking to 1 NEWS, Hall spoke about the surreal feeling of bringing home two medals to his friends and family.

"We had a plan, and that plan worked - but now to have these medals around my neck, you can believe it, but you can't," he said.

"We had worked really hard to be in this position, and now that we're finally in it, it's kind of a bit unbelievable but it is believable because of all the work and dedication that's gone into making it happen."

"I keep saying it's going to take a long time to sink in."

The para skier won a gold and a bronze at the PyeongChang games. Source: 1 NEWS