World Champion underwater hockey teams relishing domino effect of titles - 'Real excitement around the pool!'

Less than a month on from their historic double at the World Championships, New Zealand's underwater hockey players are already seeing some of the knock-on effects of their success.

In fact, two-time world champion Leah Chamberlin Gunn said the stunning results are only pushing her more.

"Being able to win a Worlds Championships is a really big dream come true. It's actually my second time winning a Worlds and I just keep coming back for more!"

It was the first time for New Zealand's men and women to win both elite titles at the World Championships.

Add to that the World cups in the Women's U23 and U19s, as well as every single Trans-Tasman title, and you get an appreciation of where the Kiwis sit on the world stage.

And coach Benson Taylor World SAYS there's every reason to think more success could be lurking beneath the surface.

"There's a real feeling of excitement around the pool, which it hasn't been for a while which is fantastic.

"I think we're going to have lots of kids and younger players just coming out of the woodwork, just pushing through to train for NZ elite teams now, so I'm really excited about that."

And while training and juggling other commitments may not be easy, Chamberlin Gunn says the payoff is worth it.

"Most of us work full-time jobs and/or go to university at the same time.

So it's a huge time commitment, but as you can imagine, we're all really competitive people and it gives you a really big sense of achievement to be able to compete at the top level of your sport."

New Zealand is one of the only countries to have an underwater hockey school league, which will no doubt play a part in our preparations to defend the Under 19s and Under 23 World titles in the UK next year.

Both the men's and women's NZ teams won elite titles at this year's world champs. Source: 1 NEWS