'A win would be awesome – a knockout would be better!' Joseph Parker hungry to take the fight to Hughie Fury




Joseph Parker is entering the ring next week with the intent of making a statement in his WBO heavyweight title defence against Hughie Fury.

The WBO heavyweight champ wants to shed the "patient fighter" reputation he’s in earned in next weekend’s title defence.
Source: 1 NEWS

Parker has just touched down in the UK ahead of next weekend's fight in Manchester with the undefeated Briton.

It is expected to be the Kiwi fighter's toughest bout yet but it isn't fazing him.

"I feel fabulous," he said.

"I feel this is the best I've felt in my whole career and I feel it's time to show everyone the new and improved Joseph Parker."

The former world champion says while a win would be enough for Parker, a dominant outing will help him take the next step.
Source: 1 NEWS

Parker spent eight weeks in Las Vegas training for the fight where he lost 10 kilograms - he currently weighs around 110kg.

"I feel this is the fight I'm going to come out and make a statement and in order to make a statement I've got to put on the pressure and chase him down," he said.

"A win would be awesome – a knockout would be better."

A win will secure Parker his biggest pay day with a purse well in excess of a million US dollars.

"There's no pressure on me. I'm here to do my job, here to win that's - all I can do."

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