Wild punches thrown as tensions boil over into massive brawl in ice hockey clash

Ugly scenes engulfed a youth ice hockey clash between Shenzhen and Hong Kong at China's National Youth Games.

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The Shenzhen and Hong Kong sides came to blows at a youth tournament in China. Source: Breakfast

With Hong Kong ahead 11-2 in the third period of the match, Shenzhen players appeared to let their frustrations get the better of them, attacking their opponents without mercy.

Writing for the Daily Caller, Dominic Gugliotta spoke of the shocking nature of the fight, going against ice hockey's unwritten code.

"There are three main unwritten rules to hockey fights: no hair pulling, no double-teaming and no hitting a player who has fallen to the ice," he wrote.

"Judging by the video, Shenzhen clearly broke at least two of these rules before the brawl finally came to a close."

Three of the Shenzhen players have since been suspended, according to the South China Morning Post.

The original tweet of the fight has since been shared over 100 times.

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The three-minute video is being seen as a warning to pro-democracy demonstrators. Source: Breakfast

The brawl comes as political tensions between Hong Kong and China have reached a fever pitch following weeks of large pro-democracy rallies in Hong Kong.