Watch: 'I was a young boy crying in my room wishing I had real legs' - legendary Liam Malone's emotional Halbergs speech

Brilliant young para-sprinter Liam Malone has revealed he used to cry in his room wishing he had real legs, and says it was the impact of his dad that gave him the encouragement to scale the heights of his sport.

Malone, who won two gold medals and a silver in at the Rio Paralympics last year, last night won the Halberg for disabled sportsperson of the year.

"It was not so long ago that I was a young boy, crying in my room, wishing that I had real legs," he told a captivated audience in Auckland.

"In an attempt to lift my spirits, my dad said one day someone will build you legs that will allow you to run faster than your friends.

"In 2016, that day came true. Thank you dad!". 

The Halberg Disabled Sportsperson of the year spoke of his struggles in preparation for the 2016 Rio Paralympics. Source: 1 NEWS

The Paralympic star told 1 NEWS' Andrew Saville he's got no plan to slow down. Source: 1 NEWS

Malone was awarded the Halberg ahead of fellow Rio Paralympians Sophie Pascoe, Anna Grimaldi and Mary Fisher.