Watch: Valerie Adams opens up about being a mum – 'I love every single moment of it'

Having taken the Queen's Baton to the Otara Markets in South Auckland this morning, Dame Valerie Adams has opened up about her newest challenge - motherhood.

Adams, 33, gave birth to daughter Kimoana in October this year, with this morning's engagement her first public appearance since.

Speaking to 1 NEWS, Adams beamed about her new role as a mother.

"Sleepless nights, crying - a whole new challenge that I've never actually faced myself," she said.

"It's definitely made me stronger, adrenaline is such an amazing thing when you've got a child."

"I love it, I love every single moment of it. I miss her every time I leave. She's 10 weeks now, and time flies when you're having fun."

The Olympic legend gave birth to daughter Kimoana in October. Source: 1 NEWS