Watch: US hurdler pulls out 'Superman' dive at finish line, faceplants landing to win gold

An American hurdler has shown he was willing to do anything to win gold in his latest race after opting into a head-first dive at the finish line to make sure he beat a rival in their final.

Texas A&M athlete Infinite Tucker was racing in the SEC Championships' 400m hurdles final yesterday when it came down to one last sprint against fellow college teammate Robert Grand for the top of the podium.

Tucker showed how desperate he was to win the race, launching at the finish line with a Superman-like dive and copping an ugly faceplant in the process to get it.

The 20-year-old said after the race he gained a burst of inspiration to perform the unorthodox finish from the sideline.

"I closed my eyes over hurdle 10. I opened it, saw my ma at the finish, and I jumped to give her a hug," he told ESPN.

"I just gave it my all and I felt like diving to the finish was me using my whole body. I just gave it my all that race."

Grant, who had to settle for second, was not impressed in the slightest by the stunt.

"If I say what I thought on this camera, microphone right now, Coach (Pat) Henry would kick me off the team."